One Software. Endless Possibilities. Why use multiple pieces of software to build your solutions? See why our customers are saving money and engineering time, using a platform that has everything built-in!

PLC Drivers

Native PLC and device drivers included. Communicating to your devices has never been so easy. Import tags directly from your PLC or program file.

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Data Logging

Logging data is super simple. Drag n drop creation to get data into portable CSV, XML, and TXT files or more powerful databases like MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL...

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No need to purchase expensive reporting packages. Built-in report designer to present your data in a useful way. View on the web, HMI, or send in an email.

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Web Access

Your Movicon project can be accessible from anywhere with a couple mouse clicks. View on a web browser or with our native apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

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Event Notification

Create alarm and event notification with the built-in Alarm Dispatcher. Enable single or multiple notifiers based on status triggers. Send Email, SMS, Voice, Fax...

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Schedulers allow you to create commands and macros that can be run on a static or dynamic schedule. Send reports, turn of the lights, or synchronize the PLC time.

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Powerful Graphics

Movicon graphics are based on SVG (Scalable Vectorial Graphics) that not only support multitouch but are also independent from screen size and resolution.

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Audit Tracking

Need to log users interactions with the Operator Interface. Movicon is FDA 21 Part 11 ready. Audit Tracking logs users, events, and changes to a database.

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Easy to use security features and 100's of configs. Create and edit users in runtime, auto log off, and more. Project encryption provides maximum data security.

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Projects can be designed for multiple languages through a simple string table. Change language and font style while project is running. Auto check for missing strings.

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Easy Migration

Projects can be run on 32 and 64 bit computers from Windows™ CE to Standard (XP, 7, 8, 10), and MS Server. Reuse projects in newer versions.

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Screens can be configured to support gestures and multi-touch commands. Pinch n zoom, panning, safe touch (two point control). Animate visibility based on zoom...

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Innovation in Industrial Automation Software

Progea is one of the leading companies in software technology for visualization, remote control, data acquisition, analysis, and system management for industrial automation. Since Progea went into operation 25 years ago, their software products have been installed in over 100,000 applications worldwide as evidence of their quality, innovation, and reliability.

Companies of all sizes

…around the world rely on the Movicon technology, some include:


Sofware Solutions for every sector of automation: Automotive • Manufacturing • Chemical • Food & Beverage • Pharmaceutical • Utilities • Energy • Oil&Gas • Water & Wastewater • Building Automation



Powerful solutions for machinery and production lines. Easily deploy single HMI projects or consolidate several projects for supervisory.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Solutions for food and beverage manufacturing. Add features or retrofit existing systems. Link to SAP, ERP, and MES systems.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Create feature rich user experiences for complex systems inside one design tool.



Effective solutions for energy industry. Auto generating energy monitoring templates, data recording, and advanced reporting.

Water & Waste Water

Water & Waste Water

Solutions for Water and Wastewater Industry. Scale from single to multiple sites, remote web access, alarm and event notification.

Infrastructure & BA

Infrastructure & BA

Supervision solutions for Building Automation and Infrastructure. Create multi-monitor distributed applications to view and control assets easier.



HMI/SCADA software solutions for any manufacturing sector. Recipe management, multiple language support, PLC drivers and more...



Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 21 CFR Part 11 & Gamp5 security, audit tracking, data logging and reporting.

More about Solutions for your Industry!

See how companies in every industry are utilizing the Movicon technology… From simple HMI to complex distributed architectures, find case stories, references, and more.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Movicon is perfect for HMI projects. Using a single project editor, users can develop projects for simple push button HMIs or highly capable solutions with data logging, recipe and alarm management, reporting, and more. Projects can be run on embedded systems and more powerful panel PCs. Recommended: Movicon 11

Digital Signage

Need to design and deploy a digital signage project? Movicon is a perfect graphical engine for running on large monitors, multiple monitors, or digital signage. Display real-time data from PLCs, field devices, and databases using rich symbols, gauges, and other objects include in the graphical library. The SVG graphics will ensure your projects look great on different screen sizes and scale to fit the screen properly. Recommended: Movicon 11 or Movicon.NExT

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Create feature rich, easy to navigate, scalable SCADA projects today! Progea’s Movicon technology can manage every critical supervisory situation. Easy navigation of multi-site projects with GeoSCADA and GeoTagging. Notify on-call personnel with event based notifications. Record, view, and analysis historical data. Easily publish screens and reports to web for remote access. Recommended: Movicon.NExT or Movicon 11

Historian and Reporting Engine

Use our native PLC drivers to get real-time data into your database. Simple drag n drop configuration, log data on change, time intervals, or by command. Store up to 10GB of data to the included MSSQL Engine or to databases like MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access, or simple CSV, TXT, or XML files. Use the built-in report designers to create simple reports for embedded systems or high impact reports that can be viewed locally or on the web. Send reports via the email as attachments. Recommended: Moviocn.NExT or Movicon 11

Event and Alarm Notification

Stay connected with this powerful built-in feature. Looking for notifications when your system is down or needs attention? Quickly configure single or multiple alarm & event notifications with the Movicon Alarm Dispatcher module. Our flexible licensing policy creates a competitive advantage for adding functionality to new or existing applications.
Recommended: Moviocn.NExT or Movicon 11

IO Server and Gateway

Easily connect to your devices and distribute data seamlessly. Connect devices to each other in a Gateway configuration or use the OPC Classic & UA server functionality to share information securely. A large number of integrated and native I/O communication drivers are available for managing communication protocols to all the most commonly used automation devices.
Recommended: Movicon.NExT or Movicon 11

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What our customers are saying...


Progea’s technology Movicon can scale from simple HMI, IIoT, & embedded solutions to enterprise wide data collection.

HMI, IIoT, & Embedded Systems


Starting at $295.00
  • Remote Access - Web Client
  • SVG - Scalable Vectorial Graphics
  • Alarm Management and Notification
  • Simple Reports
  • Power Templates
  • Touch and Multi-Touch
  • Data Logging
Advanced HMI & SCADA


Starting At $995.00
  • Small Features
  • MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Engine
  • Advanced Reporting
  • 3D Charts
  • Dundas Gauges
  • ActiveX - OCX - IP Camera Viewer
  • VBA & VB.NET Multithreading Scripting
  • OPC UA Client
SCADA and Enterprise Systems


Starting at $3995.00
  • Medium Features
  • Redundancy
  • Alarm Statistics
  • OPC UA Server
  • Speech Recognition
  • Multi-Drivers
  • Networking

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to make an inquiry to info@progea.us or check out our support area My Progea for more info. Below are some commonly asked questions…

How does Progea handle version updates and fees?

When a new version in a platform is released your exiting license will continue to work. For example if you purchased a Movicon 11.0 license and wish to upgrade the project to 11.5, the existng license still works. Simple!

Is support included?

Progea includes support with the purchase of a development license. Users can then create support tickets via their account portal, which is used to track the requests and final solutions.

Which operating systems does Movicon work on?

Movicon 11 is designed for 32 or 64 bit PCs with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Server products. There is also a run time engine for the Windows Compact Framework (CE).
Movicon.NExT is designed for 64 bit PCs with Windows 10 and Server 2016.

Is the web client view only?

Movicon web clients are full functioning independent clients that can be configured for viewing screens and system information remotely. With a couple clicks users can view and control the screens on web browsers or native apps for Apple, Android, & Windows.

Why Choose Progea?

Experience, Innovation, Quality, Service, and Flexibility are a couple words our customers use to describe Progea. We have put together a complete package available at an attractive price. We work closely with our customers to ensure their success and knowledge of Movicon.

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