The Company


Dynamic evolution at the base of Progea’s philosophy.

The Progea group, with HQ in Modena, have been operating in the industrial software production sector for over 25 years with a constant increase in yearly turnovers and profits. They have established a stronghold in the international market with a presence that is continuously expanding. Today the Progea group has about 45 people working in the team, distributed in the italian offices of Modena, Milano, Vicenza, and in the branch of Germany, Switzerland and USA, from where their international distribution is coordinated.

Progea also has personnel operating in sales and distribution through a network of overseas agencies and distributors. Progea has known how to regulate its growth especially in the last three years by investing many of its resources in marketing without abandoning its commitment to Research and Development which is the company’s base philosophy.

As players in a fast growing automation software sector, Progea has earnt its share of the market. This is not only due to its product quality but also its customer support and services deemed by them to be essential components that come automatically with the software they provide. If these essential components are unavailable or not provided properly, there is a high risk that the customer may be burdened with high indirect costs as a consequence.


Dynamic Evolution
A team future-oriented

Dynamic Evolution
A team future-oriented

Progea’s History


Over 25 years driven
by the passion for innovation

Since 1991, enthusiasm and innovation.

Since 1991, Progea has been paving the way in the world of evolutional Industrial supervision, representing a reliable and competent reference point for all its customers. Right from the start Progea chose to develop their company based on their product technology know-how, customer help services, quality and professionalism. The past twenty five years have seen the company grow to become a unique Italian reality in the International sector of SCADA/HMI software. ’Present in your future’ is the company’s slogan and mission to offer nothing but the best in advance technology. Progea would like to express their deepest gratitude to all their international customers and partners for choosing them.


Progea began operating as a software house in the automation sector. Progea initially focused its activities on the industrial supervision sector by developing applications for Windows-based PCs. In response to increasing demand, they decided to concentrate efforts on developing supervision platform software that was open, simple and intuitive and based on Windows based on their own experience and of those deriving from the market of system integrators.


The “P.M.E. Project”(Progea Monitoring Environment) went into action. This led to the release of the first product for Windows 3.11 called Movicon (Monitoring, Vision & Control). as SCADA/HMI platform software for creating supervision, monitoring and control applications. Even though an experimental version, its huge success convinced the company to invest all its resources into developing it further.


With the arrival of Windows 95 and Windows NT, Progea released Movicon 7, a new product generation for Win32 (32 bit) platforms, rewriting the initial 16 bit C code with new C ++ compilers.


In response to the successes of the first trade fairs, Progea launched an expansion plan. Their new business strategy involved investing in a territorial sales structure by creating branches in Italy and overseas to support an international distribution network.


Progea Deutschland GmbH GmbH went into operation allowing Progea Srl, the mother company, to confront the German market head on being and the most important market in Europe.


Progea continued expanding by opening another branch near Milan and employing additional personnel to establish a nationwide sales network. The following year, Progea invested in larger modern offices in via S.Anna in Modena. This was a spacious and technological building designed to accommodate the company’s activities better. In the meantime, Movicon 9, was launched, a superior, more reliable and all included platform that increased the company’s success further by supporting Windows CE as well.


After constant product evolution, the company took another gigantic leap forward when releasing the revolutionary Movicon X, product version. This version incorporated emergent technologies, such as XML, SVG and Web Services, within the panorama of SCADA/HMI. By implementing these new technologies into their products, the company was able to attract more attention in the European market sectors and gained new important partnerships with multinational companies operating in the world of automation.


Product evolution continued with the release of Movicon™11 lwhich soon became a technological reference point within its sector. Its enhanced performance, openness, flexibility and reliability offered users even greater satisfaction. The success of Movicon 11 encouraged the company to push harder towards internalization.


Progea International, went into operation by setting up offices in Lugano (CH) with the mission to manage the international distribution network and promote Progea worldwide.


Progea celebrates 20 years in operation and the opening of a new branch in Wisconsin in the USAProgea USA LLC, The R&D team make further headway on new technologies by developing the future generation of Movicon, based on WPF, OPC UA, Silverlight, HTML5 and XAML technologies.


The year that anticipates the brand new product generation,Movicon.NExT. release. Windows 8 is released and after 20 years in operation Progea proves once again to be the most innovative company in its sector. The new Movicon.NExT technology anticipates the future, outdoing rival products and reconfirms the state of art in SCADA/HMI platforms.


Progea celebrates 25 years of activity with more new and innovative projects that look to the future of the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0 of which the Progea innovative technologies continues to be a benchmark. The company HQ move into a new and modern office building in Via D’ Annunzio in Modena: this very spacious and technologically advanced structure reflects the company’s vocation of continuous development and propagation of their innovative software technologies.



A dedicated team
and a motivated group.

Group harmony empowers optimal information sharing that render product integration possible at all levels. Enthusiasm and efforts of the group’s work are clearly shown in the resulting product quality to the benefit of all customers. The company is efficiently organized to design, support and promote one of the most powerful SCADA software on the international market today. The numerous Progea branches in Italy and abroad, a national and international sales and distributor network all refer to the company headquarters based in Modena, Italy.
Progea currently employs more than 45 personnel of whom 75% are engineers and technicians dedicated to product development and customer care services.




Paolo Fiorani

General Manager


Claudio Fiorani

R&D Manager


Giuseppe Bettini

Technical Manager


Maurizio Zaniboni

Product Manager


Alberto Rabboni

R&D Interfaces Manager


Stefano Gozzi

R&D Senior


Jean-Marc Willems

Key Account & Business Developer


Sergio Somaschini

Export Manager