Alarm Management

A powerful Alarm Manager gives you the capability to keep everything under your control.

The powerful Movicon™ 11 alarm management guarantees maximum precision in managing events and provides users with a rich source of information consenting continuous and immediate knowledge on how the plant is running, enabling them to improve on reducing production standstills and improve efficiency. The Alarms are managed for default according to the ISA S-18 normative, but they are completely customizable, by being managed as objects with numerous properties adaptable to every need. The activation/interval thresholds, fixed or changeable, determine alarm activation by managing four standard operating statuses (ON, OFF, ACK and RST), and consequently displayed in object orientated Active Alarm windows with numerous filter options (by time, area, priority, period, etc.) with the option to combine dynamic help and guidelines in external files (CHM, HTML, PDF).

Alarm Dispatcher

Unmanned or remote plant systems must guarantee and relay information immediately to on-call duty staff to prevent prolonged production downtimes and delayed production deadlines. All project alarms are configurable for this situation type to notify users. The Movicon™ Alarm Dispatcher, notifies events, sends alarm alerts to staff using the Voice technology (Text-To-Speech telephone notifications with voice synthesis), with SMS, E-Mail or by Fax. The supported Ms Messenger is a ‘must have’ for plant systems connected in net 24/24 (local or web network). Notifications are sent to assigned Users or User Groups. Messages can be sent according to customizable time schedules, calendar dates, work shifts, and on-call duty staff shifts.

Production Statistical Downtime Analysis

Tools capable of statically analysing machine downtimes during production runtimes are crucial to factory production and maintenance managers. The data analysis quickly singles out any critical points within the production process to allow plant system efficiency and productivity improvements. Your productivity cannot be improved without this information. This powerful tool is used for managing events and production downtimes analytically, to generate reports on total or partial plant downtimes. This information, in table, pie or histogram chart format, provides a list of alarm occurrences for the time frame specified and classification by “Duration” (total times of all the occurrences of the same type) or by “Frequency” (Total number of occurrences of the same type). These reports can be displayed and printed as desired, on command or on event, and exported in various formats (Excel, PDF, HTML). These reports provide all the detailed information you will ever need to know on each single alarm analyzed.