Automation Platform.NExT

The platform for an ecosystem of solutions.

Automation Platform.NExT is a revolutionary software technology. It is a modular platform designed for an ecosystem of solutions for automation: SCADA, GeoSCADA, HMI, IIoT, Historian, Connectivity, Efficiency, Augmented Reality.

Automation Platform.NExT™ is the new generation software technology for industrial automation. It is a plug-in type modular platform especially designed to guarantee the scalability need to provide an ecosystem of functional modules for all modern automation needs relating to Industry 4.0.

It is an open and scalable platform based on .NET with a framework designed by Progea to guarantee industrial deployment with the utmost reliability and security that is fundamental to mission critical solutions.

Automation Platform.NExT™ software technology is structured on the concepts of modularity with plug-in technology to render industrial software architectures more open and scalable by integrating function modules that are capable of efficiently managing all the plant needs. This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis, IIoT, Connectivity and Augmented Reality.

Technology evolution is essential to the competitive automation world. Technology evolution is not just a question of introducing new features or making technology improvements.

Automation Platform.NExT is a suite of software solutions for every

automation need for Industry 4.0.

Automation Platform.NexT is the platform for every automation solution

The Automation Platform.NexT is based on innovative technologies of the new generation. An innovation project that took 5 years of intensive research and development, testing and validation to complete. This product is now offered on the automation market to guarantee today’s design engineers future-proof automation applications. A courageous choice that today awards all those companies who want to be presented with cutting edge solutions with technology open to the new generation of projects based on Industry 4.0, SCADA, HMI, IoT, Augmented Reality, Plant Intelligence, 3D Graphics and much more.

.NET Plug-in Framework

Modular industrial .NET framework with
OPC UA information model

I/O Data Server

Data Server applications with
extensive industrial connectivity

HMI Client

HMI client applications based on WPF and XAML

OPC UA Servers

OPC UA Server connectivity modules


Runtime Module for Win10 IoT for IIoT HMI and
data collection applications

Historian and Data Logger

Historian and Data Logger Module for recording data in SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL and Azure databases

Plant Intelligence

Data Analysis and Plant Intelligence Modules for
OEE, KPI, Downtime, Energy Efficiency

Augmented Reality

Apps for augmented reality devices integrated with
the various platform modules

Web Client HTML5

Web client for HTML5 visualization and Analysis or
by using apps for mobile devices (Android or iOS)

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Why choose the suite of Automation Platform.NExT modules?

The Automation Platform.NExT platform is the best and most innovative software technology for automation available on today’s market.

A modular and open platform based on a .NET framework especially designed to provide a suite of products that allow you to create an industrial ecosystem for every modern needs.  Any project designed on a long term basis should consider the investment made in the technologies used and their related deployment flexibility:  this is why Progea has created Automation Platform.NExT.

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