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An International Software Company providing solution for Automation across all Industries

Committed to excellence

Progea produces software for visualization, data acquisition, and management for industrial automation. Founded in 1990, Progea is well established in the international market.


Progea is known for its professionalism and software product innovation and has become a benchmark for quality and performance in the automation sector. The company is based in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and throughout a worldwide distribution sales network.

About the Group

Progea is a software company with expertise in visualization software, data acquisition, and control. Founded in 1990 and well established in the international market, Progea is well known for its professionalism and innovation.


Since 1991, Progea has been leading the way in evolutional industrial supervision, representing a reliable and competent reference point for all its customers. From the beginning, Progea developed based on product technology know-how, customer help services, quality, and professionalism.


Progea has been managing our business processes in accordance with the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality normative, with TÜV system certification since 2001. In addition, Progea’s software product development meets all the audit requirements stipulated in the UNI-EN 50128 safety regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our main concern and is part of our commitment to continuous improvement in delivering top-quality products and services. To help us meet these market demands, please answer the below questionnaire.

Innovation in Our DNA

Progea has always focused on technology evolution, anticipating customer needs and seeking out new horizons in industrial automation software.


Progea’s mission is to promote an international culture of innovation, quality, creativity, and excellence in the development of software technology.


Progea cultivates an international culture of innovation, creativity, and excellence in product development, technical support, sales, and service. Over its 20-year history, Progea has grown rapidly, successfully deploying over 80,000 licenses worldwide.

Quality Management

Progea has adhered to ISO 9001:2008 standards since 2001, demonstrating a guarantee to ensuring customer interests.

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