Connext OPC UA Server

Connext is much more than a powerful OPC UA Server.

Progea’s Connext OPC UA Server suite allows you to start to communicate with all your device and publish the OPC UA Address Space immediatly. It supports a wide range of protocols, the Historian/Data Loggers features, the Server Redundancy and more...

Progea launches on the industrial automation market the product Connext, strong from his long story and know how in the industrial communication protocols and OPC UA. Connext is based on the Automation Platform.NExT technology, the industry’s leading automation platform that provides a single source of industrial automation data to all of your applications. The platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface. Connext leverages OPC UA (the automation industry’s standard for interoperability) and IT communication (such as SNMP, IIoT, ) to provide users with a single source for industrial data. The platform is developed and tested to meet our customers’ performance, reliability, and ease-of-use requirements.

Connext provides communication for a wide range of industrial and infrastructures devices and field-bus, and manages the OPC UA connection with any standard Client. Furthermore, it manages powerful features like Gateway, Historian, Alarms & Condition, IIoT, Redundancy.

Connext is the Certified OPC UA Server Technology

Key Features:

OPC UA Server Certified

The Connext Server is OPC foundation-ready and supports the Data Access, Alarm & Conditions and
Historical Access specifications.

Cost Effective

Licenses are sized by the number of Tags in use. This means any tag type, such as bit, byte, word, float and double/long 64bit, connected to the field including those defined as structure or array members. The byte, word and other tag types can be pointed to one individual bit. (Note: Each Structure or Array member counts as one tag).

Tag Import

Each Connext communication protocol supports automatic importing of tags from the field or PLC for quick and easy communication configuring.


Each Server tag in multi-driver configurations can be connected to several communication protocols simultaneously.

Historian & Data Loggers

The Connext Server is provided with the Historian option to record data on relational database (SQL Server for default) or in the Cloud (SQL, Azure).

Alarms & Conditions

The Connext Server permits Alarm configurations in order to manage Alarms & Conditions in OPC UA Clients that need it.


The Connext Server provides IIoT protocols to create connectivity solutions on the net.


The Connext Server fully supports the Redundancy function (Hot Backup).


The Connext Server provides a SDK to allow .NET developers to integrate their own suite of custom protocols.

Contact us for a demo version!


Communication Protocols

Each Connext OPC UA Server offers a suite of communication protocols. The user can activate one protocol at a time or several at a time by using the Multi-drivers option.


  • Modbus RTU (Serial)
  • Modbus TCP Master
  • Modbus TCP Slave
  • Siemens S7 TCP
  • Siemens S7-MPI
  • Siemens S7-PPI
  • Siemens TIA PORTAL
  • Rockwell Ethernet/IP
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • IEC 61850-MMS Client (coming soon)
  • BacNET/IP Annex J
  • Konnex – EIB
  • Omron FINS Ethernet
  • Omron Ethernet IP
  • Hilscher CIFX Interface Cards (Profibus, Profinet..)
  • Lacroix-Sofrel LACBUS
  • Mitsubishi FX Series
  • Mitsubishi FX3U TCP
  • Omron FINS Ethernet
  • Panasonic FP MEWTOCOL
  • SAIA-Burgess S-BUS Ethernet
  • SNMP Manager (as Agent)
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT

...Others under development...

Connext is compatible with Windows 10.

Connext is supported by Progea in Windows 10 operating system (all editions) and is fully supported in the Windows 10 Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business.