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Progea provides its community of Movicon developers: documents, tutorials, and resources to aid in development of their projects..

Understanding Movicon.NExT

Six things you need to know about Movicon.NExT™download_itadownload_eng

Choosing Movicon 11 Classic or Movicon.NExT?

A short help to understand the differences between Movicon 11 and Movicon.NExT™download_itadownload_eng

IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things

Guide for the Industrial Internet of Things solutions with Platform.NExTdownload_itadownload_eng

Augmented Reality HMI

Augmented reality with Movicon.NExTdownload_itadownload_eng

OEE, KPI and Downtime

What you need to know to improve OEE - Movicon Pro.Leandownload_itadownload_eng

Energy Efficiency and ISO 50001 certification

Movicon in energy efficiency managementdownload_itadownload_eng

Thinking about Usability when Designing HMI

How to design software HMI thinking about usability and style principlesdownload_itadownload_eng