Embedded HMI

Movicon offers unrivaled solutions to empower low-end devices, based on Windows Embedded, Windows CE and Windows Mobile, with Scada technology.

Progea’s experience and technology concentrated and available in the most powerful, open, flexible independent Movicon PowerHMI - realtime proof that supervision software has never been so superior.

HMI revolutionized

Movicon HMI has been created to exploit all the Movicon technology and reliability in a simplified and reduced version to adapt to the requirements of HMI systems. Movicon HMI is a HMI software product for Windows CE and Windows Desktop simple, powerful, open and based on the Movicon innovative technologies where any XML-based project can migrate whenever needed.

The HMI software platform designed not only for Touch Panels

Progea’s sales policy for Movicon HMI is oriented towards VARs and OEMs. Product licenses are sold according to specific OEM requirements by adapting licensing models in order to be cost efficient for both big or small purchases. This is very beneficial for Embedded PC, Touch Panel and Industrial PC manufacturers knowing they can rely on licensing policies aimed at solutions where licensing code management is no longer needed and own brand labeling is allowed.
The Movicon HMI license can even be purchased through e-commerce for single unit quantities.

Movicon HMI flexibility advantages

Movicon HMI offers advantages that no other product can offer. To begin with, it exploits the powerful technologies of Movicon within an extremely simplified user-friendly editor environment. When you use Movicon HMI you get complete openness to install it on any HMI panel based on Windows CE or maintain the same software for creating applications on PCs and, when the project gets bigger and needs expansion, you can migrate it to Movicon and get to exploit all the potentialities of the Scada. This all comes down in you spending less while making a substantial increase potentially.

Cost Reductions

One of the great things about Movicon HMI is that you only need just this all-in-one development environment in your company, both for visualization on PCs and for operator panels to save you time and money in training, personnel and maintenance. What’s more, the Editor is distributed with the demo mode formula, fully working for evaluation mode purpose. Movicon HMI projects can be upgraded to Movicon, contributing further to overall cost reductions.

Increased potentiality

Excels the limits imposed by traditional HMI systems. Movicon HMI allows you to use most of the Movicon ‘Scada’ graphics functionalities to remarkably increase data viewing potentiality. Powerful Vectorial and bitmap (BMP,GIF,JPG..) graphics, powerful alarm management, historical management with XML DB, trends, recipes, logic. All ready-to-use in a powerful and user-friendly programming environment.

Employment Flexibility

Movicon HMI has the advantage of being hardware independent by maintaining the same software whether on PC, Operator Panels and palmtops connected to all PLCs, and most popular networks or fieldbuses on the market. This ensures you get maximum flexibility of use, sustaining your investments. Just one example; the same project can be run on any type of operator Touch Panel based on Windows CE, or on any PC based on Windows or Windows Embedded (Win32/64), or on any type of mobile device based on Windows Mobile.

Hardware independency

Movicon PowerHMI independency means you get to choose your preferred Touch Panel product and replace it with another whenever needed, or evolve to any PC platform without changing project software. Independency means integration with any PLC, network or fieldbus. Independence means free to choose as you like, reduce costs and safeguard investments.

International Projects

Movicon PowerHMI supports a virtually unlimited number of languages for text strings in your projects. Any language and font can be used (whether European, Asiatic, Arabic, to name but a few) just click once to change languages dynamically.

Upload, Debugger

PowerHMI connects to your device and consents easy project uploading/downloading management. All control and maintenance operations are simplified with remote control project commands (i.e. start/stop) including Debugging operations: the debugger can be referred to the local or remote project within your development environment.

Logicon IEC 1131

Movicon PowerHMI integrates support to IEC-61131 softlogic programming. Edited programs are run in the ProConOS realtime kernel which is also available for Windows CE.

XML-based projects

A one-only programming environment for all your projects will save you time and money. Furthermore, the XML structure deployed by Movicon PowerHMI projects enables the same project file to be run in Windows™8 (Win32/64) and WinCE without needing to compile a thing.

Unrivaled Graphics

The powerful Movicon PowerHMI graphics management is very easy to use and allows you to accomplish graphics with great and instant impact made possible using the inbuilt ready-to-use object library. Projects are now no longer dependent on screen resolutions when using the powerful Movicon graphics. Movicon PowerHMI comes with a powerful vectorial graphics editor which supports bitmap images with import/export to standard vectorial formats.

Network integration

PowerHMI gives you the advantage of freely circulating information using the Networking functions on Ethernet network with the OPC technology, allowing full integration of your HMI into your business LAN systems.

Powerful Alarm Management

The alarm management empowers solutions with full customizable data display and logging. The Movicon PowerHMI also supports the 4 standard operating states (ON, OFF, ACK, RST) according to the SA S-18 normative with the option to customize management (events, colors, representations), associate custom help and conditioned events. The Alarm Historical Log, stored in recycled archives, also supports order by various filters.

Touch & Multitouch

Movicon PowerHMI fully supports touch screen management with an integrated, native and simple to use feature. New Multitouch system gesture technologies are also supported for creating modern and intuitive HMI systems.


Data access security is guaranteed by a powerful and reliable user management. 1024 Hierarchical levels and 16 different access areas are at your disposal. Users can also be added in runtime. FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliant project developing is also consented.

Schedulers, Events, and IP Camera

Movicon PowerHMI has powerful objects and tools for enhancing the performance of your HMI project. Amongst these you will find scheduler objects for executing a variety of operations and commands based on preset times or programmable calendars. The Event objects permit you to execute and centralise commands, activated upon programmable conditioned events. The IP Camera viewer object is another interesting feature that visualizes images on screen transmitted from net distributed IP video cameras and can be used with Windows™ CE. These are just a few of a vast assortment of objects available.

Data Loggers, Recipe, Trends

Purpose-built objects and Wizards provide enhanced recipe and relating historical log management. The recipes have powerful functions for managing archives manually and automatically. Recipe data reside in text and XML files and are compatible with Ms Excel™. The Data Loggers permit object-oriented management of process and production data recordings in text or XML files with your preferred archiving mode. When archived, data can then be managed for historical analysis using the Trends or reports.


Movicon™ provides the use of Textual and Embedded Reports for embedded systems such as mobile and WinCE devices that require simple and scalable reports.

Integrated VBA and PLC logic

Movicon PowerHMI offers the exclusive advantage of full VBA support (Visual Basic for Application comp.). In addition Movicon PowerHMI is the only HMI product that ensures VBA code syntax is preserved in your WinCE device. Therefore Movicon PowerHMI will enable you to retain VBA code and keep
your project independent from the platform. Furthermore, Movicon PowerHMI offers you the option to use IL Logic (AWL Step7® language type) tasks and to exploit the PLC logic to obtain powerful calculations, system management and enhanced I/O control.