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Progea offers two SCADA/HMI technologies in North America.

Which should I use, and why?

In 2017 North American based users will be able to choose from two different technologies for SCADA/HMI from Progea based on their company and project needs.  Movicon 11 is in production and Automation Platform.NExT (part of the  Platform.NExT generation) will be launching in 2017 in North America after a successful launch last year in Europe.

When should I use Movicon 11 ?

Movicon 11 is a modern SCADA/HMI platform developed from the experience of years in the international market and from listening to customer input.  Open, reliable, and flexible technology make Movicon 11 perfect for any automation needs, from the smallest HMI to the huge supervisory server systems. Movicon 11 is modern technology, and the right fit for many needs.  We plan to keep Movicon 11 in the production line-up for the next five years, and then continue to support it thereafter.

You should use Movicon 11 when you need:

  • Reliability: Years of experience with more than 100,000 licenses installed, with high customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility: You can design once and deploy your projects from low-end embedded HMI to redundant supervision server stations
  • Security: A secure platform designed for having features like redundancy and fault tolerance, with a complete user management designed for FDA and GAMP severe rules
  • Powerful and complete features: A rich set of functionalities makes Movicon 11 ideal for any needs. Developers will have a smart development system that increases productivity
  • Comprehensive help and documentation, in several languages, and a rich source of templates, examples, and shared experiences


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When should I use Movicon.NExT ?

Movicon.NEXT is a new generation of platform, totally redesigned and rewrittten by Progea using all new software technologies from Microsoft .NET and OPC UA. It's based on new concepts and doesn't replace Movicon 11's technology. Movicon 11 will still be in production for at least the next five years and will still be supported after that point.

You should use Movicon.NExT when you need:

  • Future-proof: Movicon.NExT it’s a new generation of SCADA/HMI, designed without compromise to have all the new software technologies that becomes the standard for the future.
  • Amazing graphics: The new WPF/XAML brings you stunning graphics, with 2D and 3D. Forget the limits of vectorial graphics of the past!
  • User Interaction: Multi-touch, Kinect, Voice control, and new object manipulation available thanks to the new capabilities of Movicon.NExT
  • Information model: OPC UA is the information model adopted by Movicon.NExT that brings you a new client-server architecture and new capabilities for information management.

What do you have to remember when using Movicon.NExT?

The first release of Movicon.NExT doesn’t have all the rich features of Movicon 11 because the new platform has been totally rewritten. Progea is working hard to add new features in Movicon.NExT, which will be available with successive upgrades over the coming years. Also, more and more I/O drivers will be added in Movicon.NExT, porting them from Movicon 11. Flexibility is not an issue for Movicon.NExT; Progea designed it for desktop and servers with medium-high hardware requirements. Movicon.NExT should be considered a “Control Room Supervisor” rather than a simple HMI for embedded systems. Progea is working to adapt the new technology to embedded systems in the upcoming upgrades.

Target Applications:

Due to the above, we should consider the following target applications:

  • Movicon 11: any automation application, small and big project, mission critical, remote control, for any automation field. Small HMI, Supervisor, client-server application, distributed and modular projects, Web oriented applications, DB and report analytic systems, OEM and any other needs. Really, there’s nothing that Movicon 11 can’t do
  • Movicon.NExT: at this first release, Movicon.NExT is ideal for who is looking for a long-terms projects, based on new technologies. Standard supervisor application with new interaction concepts and new looks, including 3D management. With the upcoming upgrades, Movicon.NExT will implement all the rich features available now on Movicon 11, and will integrate an importer from previous platform.