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Pro.Lean is the new Movicon software module for "Lean Manufacturing", the indispensable tool for analysing performance, OEE and Downtime values. By using Pro.Lean you will be able to obtain a deeper understanding of your production plant performance indicators, reduce loss and increase profits.

Progea proposes Lean Manufacturing and Plant Intelligence software solutions to improve productivity, reduce loss and increase profits. To enable this you need simple but effective tools that can ensure data acquisition, aggregation and transparent analysis with rapid returns (ROI) on minimum investments made. In today’s increasingly competitive world production plants need to adopt the philosophy of “Lean Manufacturing” to improve their production process, be more efficient and produce quality goods. The automation systems that manage production processes can be optimized only if provided with the right information. This can be achieved by using “lean” tools that are easy to apply with minimum impact to get maximum return. The Movicon Pro.Lean© module offers maximum efficiency using Progea’s twenty years of experience in the industrial automation software sector. Normally, the production lines are subject to various causes that weaken performance efficiency in respect to the effective performance potential: malfunction, downtime, scrap and rejects reduce production efficiency causing economical loss to the company. A loss that companies are usually inadequately equipped to remedy. The automatic real-time knowledge of the performance indicators (KPI) enables Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) values to be calculated in order to indicate the real plant production efficiency rate.

If we consider that on average, a well-established manufacturing company performs up to 60% of its full potential performance capacity. This means that for every 100 approved goods produced in an ideal situation, only 60 are produced in reality. Considering that the 100% value is purely theoretical, an ‘excellent’ value of a true “Lean” production would be around 85%. By looking at these values, is it easy to imagine how improved production efficiency and an increase in the OEE value would signify a noticeable increase in business for any company without investing large amounts. For example, it is quite easy to imagine how a mass production manufacturing company can increase profits and reduce loss by improving and increasing their performances by a small percentage.

Pro.Lean© is a simple and effective solution based on reliable, open and flexible technology.

Pro.Lean© is the best solution to aid decision making. It is a Movicon functional module designed for measuring global efficiency values in real-time. It does this by collecting and aggregating production process data deriving from the different data sources at production level (PLC, HMI, SCADA) and analyzing the real-time situation with benchmarks to show the production level indicators in general independently from the deriving data source. Production managers can use this data to aid decision-making and promptly act to eliminate inefficiencies. Movicon and Pro.Lean© together offer secure and efficient connectivity tools for collecting real-time information directly from the source or origin. A configuration wizard aids users to associate data and create databases automatically and safely with the aim to produce an OEE project with immediate results within a few hours.

This solution is also open to customization of field communications, dashboard displays and analytical Reports. Predisposed ODBC connectors enable bidirectional connections with managerial systems that allow simple MES solutions to be created. These include solutions such as managing and launching orders or production batches or synchronizing and co-ordinating processes and resources. Pro.Lean© enables the availability of immediate KPI and OEE value calculations, to record the causes of downtime events and to present productivity dashboards according to the criteria defined by the standards with the option to customize. The KPI and OEE indicators can be displayed in web architecture using common internet browsers.

Real-time Information for detecting and eliminating inefficiencies to improve productivity

Pro.Lean© will make your production plant more efficient by highlighting those key indicators that will enable you to reduce loss and increase profits.

The KPI indexes, OEE value and downtime production analysis calculated by Pro.Lean© w, will enable your company to maximize production by increasing productivity in the three main parameters: Availability, Performances and Quality.

Increase Efficiency

Improving local and global production efficiency will enable you to make better use of existing productivity machines and reduce rejects and downtimes. As a consequence this will reduce plant running costs to satisfy your production plans without needing to rely on overtime work and the threat of delayed delivery deadlines.

Reduce Machine Downtimes

The downtime analysis will enable you to eliminate anticipated and repetitive problems relating to production. This will enable a reduction in plant downtime events and a significant reduction in costs and a better way of reallocating human resources productivity.

Increase Production

By increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime events caused by production inactivity or malfunctioning will enable you to increase the effective production rate of the plant capacity value.

Quality Improvement

By analysing data for defective productivity will enable you to detect the causes and eliminate them. This will enable you to reduce production waste and rejects and thus increase product quality and hence client satisfaction.

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This Historian is a data collection engine that aggregated data and records it in the open and standard DB.


OEE is the reference indicator for analyzing plant production processes and calculates overall plant performance.


Plant downtime event, corrective action and production management improvement analysis enables effective decision making to increase productivity and efficiency.