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Movicon ™ 11 is based on traditional and well-established technologies, unmatched for reliability, simplicity and performance.

Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems. The Movicon proven technology makes it possible to guarantee reliability at the same time, potential, openings and unmatched flexibility.


With exclusive “XML-Inside” technology the revolutionary Movicon™ 11 innovations offer a comprehensive development environment for managing HMI, SCADA, Logic and statistical production data analysis applications enabling design engineers to minimize development time and provide users with powerful, open, flexible and easy to maintain solutions.

Movicon™ 11 technology embodies the excellence of SCADA/HMI platforms, with unrivalled transparency, simplicity and performances. As the Movicon™ 11 is one of a kind, completely based on XML standards and well established technologies such as Web Services, SVG graphics, OPC, SQL, ODBC, .Net as well as Java technology and APPs for Web Client solutions.

Movicon™ 11 is a standard software for all those working in industrial automation, remote control, utilities and building automation. A truly universal Scada/HMI platform, independent from hardware, adaptable and deployable absolutely anywhere.

Complete, reliable, scalable from Win10 to WinCE.


The Movicon 11.5 scalable architecture is the ideal SCADA / HMI solution for all types of industrial automation application

An ideal all-inclusive platform for creating supervisory applications for big systems down to small embedded HMI systems.


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What are the advantages of using this product?



Movicon™ 11 offers an all-inclusive software platform, one unique Editor from Windows™ 10 (Win32/64) to Windows™ CE. Companies need only install this one software only for any micro application for HMI terminals or any medium or large scale application for enterprise and process plant supervision.



Movicon.NExT™ has been designed to ensure maximum scalability offering an all-inclusive configuration environment for modular solutions that integrate with the platform in the most simple and flexible way possible. The scalable Movicon.NExT™ architecture is designed to save time and costs offering unlimited ways of deployment. The Movicon.NExT™ technology is based on the “Plug-In” concepts to offer maximum system interoperability to the extent that new functional modules can be integrated in the Progea Framework to allow users to completely customize their .NET solutions as needed.



Movicon.NExT ™ offers a totally integrated, innovative and snazzy development environment that comes with a rich set of intuitive features. The platform is entirely based on modern technology that reduces development time in creating projects in respect to the technology used in pre-existing solutions. This is done by using wizards and templates, unprecedented symbol libraries and toolbox offering top graphical quality and reusability. Functions are modularity concept-driven to allow users to externally create and implement functional plug-in modules that totally integrate with the platform.


Powerful and Simple Editor

The Movicon.NExT™ software technology is entirely based on standards deriving from openness and reliability. The XAML and WPF technology ensure the most effective and modern graphics standard, the historian technology is based on Ms SQL Server and Azure that support any Relational DB in the most transparent way using the ADO Provider (supports MySQL and Oracle).
The project files are based on the XML standard or the SQL DB standard. The powerful language is based on the standard VB.NET syntax. Communication is OPC UA-based and includes a great selection of integrated communication protocols. Access over the web is HTML5-based. All provided with the best technology standards around.


Drivers, OPC UA and DA connectivity

The Movicon.NExT™ Information Model is based on innovative OPC UA technology with full support to specifications (DA, AE, HA) as Client and as Server. This ensures native connectivity to the maximum towards any device or module application based on this technology that offers unprecedented security and performances.
The I/O Data Server modules comes with a great selection of native I/O Drivers that are integrated and free for use. The provide direct connectivity for devices that have propriety protocols such as Siemens S7, Rockwell, Modbus, Omron and many more. The platform’s Client/Server ensures extremely simple and performing network architecture.
Appropriate connectors and the IoT gateway (Internet of Things) add towards creating modern connectivity architectures in public networks that is simple and fast. The Progea Cloud.Databoom platform permits you to manage your own data collection and analysis architectures with IoT and Cloud technology.
You can also create applications to distribute and interconnect with each other wherever using the Runtime for Windows 10 IoT Core.


Vector Graphics

Movicon™ 11 offers a vector graphics engine based on Scalable Vectorial Graphics (SVG), graphics are screen resolution independent and support multitouch. BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF, EMF and multimedia are all supported.
It has a vast selection of symbol and graphics libraries that also contain preconfigured and customizable objects with the Power Template technology.


Powerful and all-inclusive Alarm Management

Movicon 11 offers a powerful and totally configurable Alarm management with support to the ISA S-18 normative. Alarms are stored on databased for subsequent chronological or statical analysis. The Gli allarmi sono archiviati su database per consentire analisi cronologiche o statistiche. The Alarm Dispatcher sends notifications to personnel by SMS, Email or Voice Modem Text-to-speech.


Data Recording on DB

Process data can be stored on any relational DB or encrypted using Data Loggers. Data is transparently recorded using ODBC technology to make your project database independent.


Reports, Trends and Data Analysis

Movicon 11 provides you with powerful analyzing and reporting tools to use no matter where you have decided to record your historical data. You will find Trends, Charts, Tables, Data Analysis and an inbuilt powerful Report Designer offering you sophisticated analysis solutions local and over the web. Historical data analyzing is totally integrated and does not require additional tools and consents access to any DB, data extraction and chart and table representation. The Report Designer allows you to create and manage reports locally.


Maximum level of protection

Movicon 11 integrates all the different possibilities to manage top level security. The User management provides authentication for the accessing and auditing of any one of the project’s functions. Data can be recorded on a protected DB and be encrypted. The CFR21 Part 11 normative is supported to create projects that conform to the most stringent normatives.
The fully automatic Redundancy management permits the use of systems in Mission Critical applications.


Web Enabled

Movicon™ 11 offers Web Client technology to access your automation systems from wherever you happen to be using popular browsers, smartphones and tablets. Multiuserness, bidirectionality, performance and security are all guaranteed to help reduce setting up costs and maintenance. Servers are scalable from Windows™ 10 to Windows Embedded and Windows™ CE.
The Java applet is browser independent and the APPs support smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS.


Performance and Reliability

Movicon 11 is the ideal solution for systems needing embedded hardware and performance. Fast communication and real-time data management as well as the enhanced classic graphics ensure performances even with the minimum of hardware used as required by embedded systems and Windows CE.

Why Movicon 11?

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Movicon 11.5 is compatible with Windows 10.

Movicon 11.5 is supported by Progea in Windows 10 operating System (all editions) and is fully supported in the Windows 10 Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business.