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Our Movicon project solutions for the oil and gas industry are designed on the understanding that this is a intrinsically complex field — in terms of engineering, economics, health, safety and environment where the need to manage and control all operations need to be complacent with regulatory requirements. Movicon offers Oil and gas customers a globalized pipeline to success with complete 360-degree real-time visualization of all operations in a Web-based SCADA environment, multilanguage switch overs and open standard connectivity for worldwide accessibility. This allows production companies to link together the various functions and entities such as transportation companies, equipment suppliers, tool manufacturers, refineries and off-shore platforms into a more collaborative, cohesive environment with full monitoring and control from a single location with secure and reliable networking technologies. Not only can production be optimized, workforce and productivity improved but significant savings can also be made aided by advanced trending, historical data collection and customized regulatory reporting. Movicon is the trustworthy pillar that pumps power into any upstream, downstream, pipeline and other gas and oil related application.

O&G, Chemical References

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