Pharmaceutical Control Systems


The Pharmaceutical industry is commited to discovering and manufacturing medicine to help cure and recover from illnesses so that we can live healthy and productive lives to the full possibility of our means. Scientific advancement has improved research and development of new medicine that this industry has now become very competitive and rapidly evolving with a wide range commerical products offered on the market where pressure on the manufacture is not only on competitiveness but also government regulations. Therefore maintaining absolutely safe, consistent and efficient manufacturing methods is an essential part of this process to speed up time-to-market, improve manufacturing performance, and optimize the supply chains. Progea's holistic approach builtin the Movicon industrial automation software provides the right tools to minimize downtimes, reduce operation costs, minimize application development and bridge the gap between IT, MIS and facilities.

Customers deploying the Movicon Progea solutions within their pharmaceutical operations will reap the many benefits if offers. Applications designed for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations, sequence checking, maximized security with biometrics, audit trails, traceable alarm/event history and logging offer the best in security and accountability covering all processes from receiving raw materials, laboratory, preparation, formulation, finishing, packaging, warehouse and distribution.

Progea offers regulation and standards compactability, compliance and absolute security, without compromising efficiency and productivity.

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