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Software products that empower your solutions.

Progea's software platforms are the result of extensive studies carried out on software ergonomics to make products pleasant and easy-to-use. To save development time, all tools and functionalities have been provided and ready-to-use in the same environment, united with maximum information integration and transparency.

Progea's software outshines any other product for simplicity of use and intuitiveness, thanks to the ‘Intelligent’ Editor and integrated auto-configuration wizards and Tag, Alarms and Strings import/export tools. Project engineering is a breeze with Progea's software for immediate, effective and safe results with great visual impact in next to no time, ensuring that your investments are safeguarded.

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SCADA/HMI Software Technology: innovation and quality at your fingertips!

The modern, reliable, powerful SCADA/HMI technology, XML-based and flexible from Win8 to WinCE.

The new generation of industrial platform, a new technology that brings you into the future of supervisions systems.


Why 2 different technologies for Movicon?
Which one do I need?

Software Products: that empower your business!

The Embedded Edition of Movicon 11 is a special visualization HMI version of Movicon for OEMs that empower your machine HMI.

The smart solution to increase your Productivity, through smart data collection and web-enabled front end with OEE, KPI and downtime.

Logicon is the IEC 61131 softplc, to develop PLC application linked to Movicon and deploy them from Desktop to embedded systems.