Top Level Protection

System access with maximum security and FDA compliance

The Movicon™ 11 applications guarantee maximum security and reliability. The user and password management, complete and robust, has been explicitly designed to ensure that projects are created with simplicity and integrated FDA 21CFR part 11 compliant (the United Stated Food and Drug Administration). Movicon™ 11 ensures maximum data and system access protection with 1024 user levels and 16 access levels. Project users can be shared with the Window ™ Domain including options to integrate and centralize user data profiles. Security criteria is complete, fully integrated and configurable with a few clicks and includes the Electronic Signature management, unauthorized and undesired access attempts controls, password expirations, automatic log-off and Audit Trail management. Movicon™ allows you to define different protection levels and to have traceability directly within each single tag, independently from their associated commands. Furthermore, Movicon™ 11 supports Windows™ 8 Services and consents total or partial blocked allows Windows™ desktop. Data are recorded on safe relational databases (SQL Server or Oracle) and in our proprietary 128 bit encryption format.

User Management

Movicon™ 11 provides options to have mixed project user affiliations, such as runtime administrator user, Windows™ domain user and linked “Child” project user configurations in user data profile definitions. User access privileges can be associated not only with actions and command functions but also with individual project tags.

FDA CFR21 Part11 and GAMP5

Movicon™ 11 is completely 21CFR Part 11 compliant, making it ready to create FDA or GAMP valid projects with great ease for both sophisticated Scada systems based on Windows Servers and simple HMI based on Windows ™ CE.

Redundancy (Hot Backup)

With powerful redundancy management for mission critical applications Movicon™ 11 guarantees reliability, deriving from our more than 20 year experience operating in the industrial automation sector. Mission critical applications can make use of the powerful integrated redundancy functions, where two Movicon™ servers work together in hot backup mode to manage and keep applications safe under in all situations. The Movicon™ redundancy is completely automatic and transparent, managing data synchronization for both historical and dynamic data to guarantee the efficient and safe data integrity in any situation no matter how serious.