Tag Database and Connectivity

Communicating in the fast lane safely at top speed is essential for any automation system.

The supervision systems are meeting points of all process data. The crossroads of non-stop production information flow of business enterprise systems. The communication’s strategic role is deeply rooted in Movicon™, where you will find all the tools you will ever need integrated to make information flow in the most quickest, smoothest and transparent way possible. Movicon™ 11 provides you with a rich library of I/O Drivers, native, integrated and included free in the product. Communication with control systems (PLC, CNC, Instrumentation, Fieldbus) has never been so quick to configure and never been so quick performing. Very helpful Wizards are at hand to automatically import and configure project variables directly form the PLC, helping you beat configuring times and reduce the risk of making errors. The I/O Driver library supports all PLCs and systems found on the market today, and can be added to by third parties using an appropriate SDK.


The Movicon networking is highly efficient and configurable, completely managed on exception, offering unmatched functionalities for any client/server architecture, in local or geographical networks.

I/O Drivers with importers

Movicon offers a I/O Drivers library totally renewed and with exclusive technology for communicating with the most well known and used automation devices (PLC, Fieldbus, instrumentation, networks). The Movicon drivers are based on the highly efficient Thread Pooling concepts, capable of managing high performing and reliable communications. Thanks to Automatic I/O Importer, the user can import part or all of an existing PLC project’s variables directly into their project, without having to define tags in the supervision project. This saves a great deal to time and less risk of making errors.

OPC UA & Classic Client & Server

The OPC technology (OLE for Process Control) is essential for guaranteeing openness and connectivity towards any industrial automation system. Progea is an active member of the OPC Foundation and participates in defining the OPC specifications. As a consequence, Movicon conforms completely to these technologies and is certified as “OPC DA, OPC UA and OPC XML DA Compliant”, both as Client and as Server. The OPC AE technology (Alarms & Events) and is integrated in Movicon in the Alarm Window objects for acquiring and visualizing alarms and events coming from OPC AE Servers. In addition, Movicon incorporates the new OPC XML DA technology for the first time, thanks to which the OPC connections can exploit the new XML and Web Services technologies, consenting safe and truly distributed connections in public networks (internet).

Database Connectors

Movicon offers a unique and only one‐of‐its kind feature: ODBC realtime connectivity. In Tag properties you can actually determine (in read, write or read/write) the tag’s connection to a database table in realtime and bidirectional mode. This makes it extremely simple to distribute information externally, especially to manufacturing execution systems (MES) which are usually based on Relational DB technology (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.).