Scalable Vectorial Graphics

To visualize production processes is paramount to any supervision system. The more transparent it becomes the more efficient factory management is.

The more transparent it becomes the more efficient factory management is. Unlike before, users explicitly demand a more realistic presentation of their plant. They want that immediate look, feel and touch experience to promote that extra sensory perception. They want to be there but not be there. Real life, live and working plants on screen. The real thing can only be achieved with Movicon™11, a supreme leader in this field, offering you a vast range of the most powerful graphics ever:

  • Vectorial Graphics Editor and SVG based technology (Scalable Vectorial Graphics).
  • Real object and symbol oriented programming, “point & click” even the most complex objects.
  • Screens visualized in hierarchical tree structures with intuitive selecting. Symbols do not need ungrouping and regrouping in order to configure their components, no matter how complex they are.
  • Dynamic property Explorer and quick access to all properties, tags or symbol code.
  • Import-Export vectorial symbols to/from the most popular Windows™ vector formats.
  • Supports all bitmat graphic files such as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG and WMF and EMF files.
  • ToolBox containing prebuilt and multifunctional objects with accurately detailed graphics.
  • Analog viewer library integrated with eye-catchy and realistic graphics.
  • Powerful graphical animations, with 16 dynamic animation functions configurable in all object properties. Each object is extendable through the appropriate VBA rapped into API graphics.
  • Complete set of functions, for zooming, grids, alignments, multiple distributions, layer order, tab order, multi-selection property settings and much more.
  • Library rich in pre-built symbol graphics, organized in a multitude of various categories, ready for immediate previewing and Drag & Dropping on screen. Option to create your own symbols and new categories.
  • Exclusive Power Templates© technology, consents to creating symbols with preset functions, with simple animations associations or with powerful VBA script functions integrated. The Power Template technology makes it possible to auto-create projects simply by inserting symbols on screens.
  • Auto-resizing to screen or window resolution, whether being vectorial or bitmap graphics.
  • Built-in support to multi-monitor systems.
  • Graphical object XML structures can be inspected internally and from external programs and editors.
  • Graphics Editor for managing menus  (pop-up or bar menu) and assigning keyboard commands.
  • Support to heredity and public symbol modification propagation.
  • Supports different scenarios, “Styles” and “Themes” technologies.
  • Built-in native objects for visualizing images transmitted from video cameras, both in WinCE and WebClient.