Web Client Technology

Access your plant from everywhere using a standard browser or iPhone or while mobile with iPad, Android and Blackberry

Movicon™ Web Client uses the Thin Client model enabling the entire application to reside and be processed on the server thus centralizing information for easier and low costing system management and maintenance. The Client displays graphics processed on the server using a simple Internet browser to adapt the graphical resolution to local requirements. Updates are dispatched to the Client only on event and change. The most advanced technologies (Java, XML, Web Services) and exception-based technology guarantee performances within a truly innovative architecture.

Unmatched Potentiality throughout the Web

Client users are fully aided with the potentiality that only the Movicon™ Web Client can offer without the need to install and process extra on Client stations. The graphical screen representations are shown in their ‘true colors’ and graphics are automatically adapted to the client’s graphic resolutions or to the size of the browser window. Interaction can be performed from Client side to activate commands and manage events of VBA code inserted in symbols. All information can be obtained from Historical Logs and Trends and displayed in data tables using sort by filters. The Scheduler and IP Camera viewer objects are also supported along with their interactivities. The Movicon™ Web Client features are incredibly outstanding, powerful, extremely simple and automatic, truly making the automation-over-the web concept a real ‘live wire’.

Click below to access a Movicon 11 demo project with the Web Client.

North America Server

European Server

For Google Chrome plug-in support, please read the Progea Acadeny Blog Post

(For European Server) Only a max. of 2 users at a time can connect. If unavailable, please try again later...

Web Client features

Movicon™ Web Client offers the possibility to access factory data using Internet/Intranet architectures. The advantages you get from using the Movicon™ Web Client are:

  • Accessing and displaying projects over the web using any browser with any operating system, made possible by Java technology support, and in the J2ME version for JavaPhone technology support. Creating Web pages on the server is completely automatic and just one click away.
  • Project screen navigation as predefined on server, possible restrictions may occur navigating on the Web side.
  • No need to install or configure extra on Client or Server.
  • Enhanced performances, transparent support to project functionalities and commands using a normal browser.
  • Secure data management.
  • Notification on exception only
  • Communications based on Web Services.
  • Entirely Java-based technology.
  • Support to Applet J2SE and Midlet J2ME.
  • Multiplatform support on Client side (Linux, Windows™, Palm, Symbian, Android, iOS, RIM, Javaphones).
  • Support to Windows 7 or Windows CE on Server side
  • Access to Server by mobile phone acting as plant system client.
  • Complete access from Web side to historicals recorded by Server
  • Support to powerful functions such as schedulers or IP camera viewers.

Web Client becomes mobile!

Movicon™ Web Client allows remote users to log on with mobile phone and tablet devices. This has all been made possible with the Web client APP which consents access to the supervisor using normal mobile phones with Java J2ME or using a smarthpone or tablet with Apple iOS, Android, RIM. Users that receive event notifications by phone, they can connect immediately to their plant system using directly the mobile phone to get information on tags, alarms, historicals and even display and interact with screens from wherever they happen to be.