Movicon 11 Web Client – Chrome Support

Chrome Version 42 and Later

Movicon Web Client

With the release of Chrome Version 42, additional steps need to be taken to allow the Movicon 11 web client plug-in to run properly. The plug-in is Java based and requires that NPAPI be enabled in the Chrome browser.

To do this follow these simple steps:

    1. In your URL bar, enter:
    2. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.
    3. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page. 
    4. Once the page has reloaded you can right click in the Java frame and select Run this plugin

*additional information can be found at the Java website:


Once the plugin has been loaded you will be asked to allow the Progea Movicon applet to Run. Selecting the “Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above” will suppress the message next time you connect to the web client.
You can test your browser by connecting to our Live Demo:
Live Web Client Demo
Additional Resources: Getting Started Tutorial, User Guide, Web Client Reference Guide

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