Powerful Alarm, History and Statistics Management

The powerful Movicon ™ BA alarm management handles events with great accuracy. It keeps users constantly and instantly aware of the system’s status by providing a continuous wealth f information. This information is essential to enable prompt and effective user intervention to minimize system downtime and maximize efficiency. The Alarm Log Tool (Historical Log) automatically logs all events (Alarms, Driver-related events or System events) in the appropriate log files on ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) relational database or in .CSV, .XML or encrypted text files.

Notification by SMS-Voice-Email-Fax

Movicon ™ BA includes a powerful, integrated event and alarm notification solution. You can receive updates from Movicon ™ BA directly on your mobile phone using SMS or voice notification messages when specific events (alarms or other configurable events) occur. Movicon ™ BA also has a text-to-speech feature to alert you by phone vocally. Notifications can also be sent by email with attachments or fax. The system will keep you updated on all current situations and status no matter where you are. You will find this feature indispensable for constant system control to allow you to intervene or interact by remote and over the web to remedy threatening system downtime situations in time and thus optimize costs.