The Powerful Platform.NExT™ Model For Alarms And Event Management

Alarm Server: Evolutionary diagnostics functions

The Alarm Manager is the Platform.NExT™ Alarm Server module that enables complete and powerful alarm management to ensure that alarm events are handled with great precision. Users are provided with a variety of detailed information for full and constant updating on all ongoing plant system activities and situations. This vital information will enable the user to be prepared and ready to interact appropriately at all times to avoid production downtime and production efficiency.

The Platform.NExT Alarm Manager includes new alarm types and features that extend beyond conventional activation on event methods. Alarm activation can now be triggered on value deviation or rapid data change events to improve and simplify system managment.

The alarm manager is configured by default according to the ISA S-18 standard but is completely customizable with support to the ON, OFF, ACK, RESET and SHELVE events.

All the area, analysis and filter functions (by time, area, severity, period, etc.) are supported and can be combined with dynamic help. The Alarm Manager also records each alarm and event to enable their complete traceability using the Platform.NExT VFS (Virtual File System).  This means that the Alarm Manager module can also be used for configuring the event archive management whether in relational databases, local files or the Cloud.

Display and Managing Alarms in Movicon.NExT ™

The Alarm Window and the Historical Log Window are active alarm visualization tools and can be inserted as objects in any screen and configured like all the other graphical objects from the toolbox. Alarm display objects can be built from symbols and templates in different styles and added to the symbol library.   Movicon.NExT™ offers the option to completely configure alarm displays and corresponding operations which can be activated directly with normal or customized commands.

The display windows can be connected in network to become “client” for displaying active alarms and historical logs from different network servers. Columns reporting alarm information can be configured to adapt to the type of display needed.   Included with the many interesting features, Movicon also provides users with instant viewing of  alarm histories and their occurrences. This feature helps simplify event analysis procedures needed to make productivity improvements. The display windows also come with a selection of  “sort-bys” and “filters” to help users retrieve information and display it transparently and intuitively.

Statistical Downtime Analysis

Plant production and maintenance managers need reliable tools that are capable of statistically analyzing plant downtimes during production runs. The data analysis permits quick detection of production process critical points so that steps can be made to implement ways to improve and maximize system efficiency and productivity.  Platform.NExT™ integrates this powerful tool for conducting analysis on events and production downtimes and providing the results in reports relating to total and partial downtime plant system occurrences. Information can be represented in table format, pie charts or histograms, to individualize a list of alarm events and their classifications by “duration” (total time of all events of the same type) or by “frequency” (total number of occurrences of the same type) for the selected time range and period.

These reports can be displayed or printed on command or on event and can be exported in various formats (Excel, PDF, HTML,) and provide all the information and details for each individual alarm analyzed.