Automation Platform.NExT™,
a revolutionary software technology



The ideal platform with an ecosystem of functional modules to suit every modern automation application need embracing Industry 4.0

Automation Platform.NExT is an open and scalable platform based on .NET with a framework designed by Progea to guarantee industrial deployment with the utmost reliability and security that is fundamental to mission critical solutions. A modular architecture Client / Server, which uses the data information model of OPC UA.

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Automation Platform.NExT™ software technology is structured on the concepts of modularity with plug-in technology to render industrial software architectures more open and scalable by integrating function modules that are capable of efficiently managing all the plant needs.  This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis, IIoT, Connectivity and Augmented Reality.

Technology evolution is essential to the competitive automation world. Technology evolution is not just a question of introducing new features or making technology improvements.

Automation Platform.NExT™ is the new generation software technology for industrial automation. It is a plug-in type modular platform especially designed to guarantee the scalability need to provide an ecosystem of functional modules for all modern automation needs relating to Industry 4.0.

A suite of solutions for every need.


The best and the most innovative technology automation software on the market today.

While designing projects for long-term use, it is essential to consider the technology you have invested in and its flexibility of deployment to withstand the test of time.


The choice of software technology to use for your business applications has to be future-proof and come with a long-term partnership with the company that produces it.

What are the advantages of using this product?


.NET Architecture

The platform is based on a industrial .NET framework designed by Progea to ensure robustness, modularity and openness.


Plug-in Technology

The platform’s Plug-in technology makes it completely modular to ensure the freedom needed to customize it’s framework with new modules including those developed autonomously with the SDK provided.


Standard Data Model

The platform’s Standard Data Model (Information Model) is based on OPC UA. Therefore, both Client and Server offer maximum openness and support to most complex information modules and typologies. Not only the usual data types but also complex structure types according to the OPC UA and PLC Open standard.


Historical data format independence

Whatever data type managed by the platform is independent from the persistence model due to Progea’s Virtual File System (VFS) technology. Projects or data recorded by the Historian and Data Loggers can reside on local XML files, Relational Database or in the Cloud independently.


New generation graphics

The platform’s enriched graphics are exclusively based on the new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) vector graphics rendering engine and XAML. Technology that surpass the restricted use of the out-of-date Winform technology to offer a very modern graphical environment with exceptional vector graphics quality in both 2D and 3D.


Data Transparency

The OPC UA technology is native and integrated for both Client and Server. Full support to the Data Access (DA), Alarms & Conditions (AC) and (HA) History Access specifications. Server is OPC Foundation certified. Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity integrated with a diverse number of protocols and gateway functions to connect the same Tag to a diverse number of devices simultaneously.


Intelligent Editor

A platform designed to create any type of automation project using a powerful and fully integrated configuration environment complete with all features. A unique WPF workspace complete with all features based on the ergonomics concepts for simplicity-of-use to increase productivity. An all-inclusive platform to create any data server or HMI client project.


Security always guaranteed

Security management based on .NET membership to ensure that users and user access are managed with the maximum of security and independently from the provider. OPC UA and certified transports are used to ensure the maximum of security in managing data and information. Supports “Fault Tolerance” with automatic redundancy management in an array of servers. Supports FDA CFR21 Part 11.


New generation Web Client technology

The technology for Web Client access is based on HTML5 to ensure security and independence from browsers or plug-ins. APPs are also available for mobile devices (Android, iOS or Windows Universal APP).

Why choose Automation Platform.NExT?

Watch this video and quickly discover what innovative features Automation Platform NExT has in store for you.


Platform.NExT is compatible with Windows 10.

Automation Platform.NExT is supported by Progea in Windows 10 operating System (all editions) and is fully supported in the Windows 10 Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business.