Automation Software: Movicon 11 in the Pharmaceutical Market

As you may be well aware, Progea’s Movicon platform has been designed to support the FDA CFR21 Part 11 and GAMP5 standards, in order to support project engineers that are developing applications that must conform to these standards. Each sequence or command can be managed with the maximum intrinsic security that includes biometric device support, audit trail and electronic signatures. Traceability is guaranteed by integrated mechanisms for recording data and their security with encryption.

Movicon guarantees safe applications according to the strict norms and guarantees absolute data security while simultaneously improving efficiency and productivity. For all those that operate in those sectors working under and according to strict regulations, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food and beverage, you will find that Movicon offers a variety of highly qualified solutions that will help you reduce development costs and increase safety using its very scalable and performing technologies from Windows CE to Windows 8 panels.

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