Great success at SPS Parma…

08 June 2018

See you at SPS Nuremberg! SPS IPC Drives Parma ended with a positive feedback for Progea with more visitors than the previous year. Several companies, that have chosen Progea as a technological partner, appreciated the new solutions shown in Parma: Augmented Reality for objects recognition and the modules for productive and energy efficiency. The Progea R&D team keeps working on…

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Movicon.NExT solutions at Proel Automation Day

08 June 2018

Movicon.NExT solutions at Proel Automation Day On June 15 Proton EL d.o.o., Progea distributor in Croatia, will organize PROEL Automation Day, focused on automation and on Progea SCADA solution. Firstly, through live sessions, there will be the chance to interact with Movicon.NExT editor environment. Later in the day, we will show live applications where customers use Movicon Pro.Energy, one of…

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A photovoltaic field on the WEB thanks Movicon

10 May 2018

Armax Automation Private Limited, a company located in Bangalore-India, is a member of the Progea Solution Provider program. They provide fully integrated solutions for developing automation systems & control panel manufacturing, creating value driven projects led by state of the art technology & innovative solutions. With a customer friendly service approach and a team of 40…

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Movicon.NExT for SCAME Furnaces

03 May 2018

SCAME Furnaces went into operation in the 80’s to design engineer and manufacture industrial furnaces and equipment for innovative heat treatment of ferrous, stainless,  noble and precious metals. Their activity steadily developed in this field, accumulating experience and tradition based on new technology and a philosophy devoted to combining tradition with innovation according to their…

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Man-down tracking system.

13 April 2018

The lone worker safety app that connects to Movicon. Aldea Srl is from Rome and is a software house specialized in developing innovative projects with particular skills in mobile and system integration. The VerticalMan app is used by lone workers to monitor their actions and sends alerts in the event of emergencies and alarm situations,…

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IoThings Conference Exhibition – April 10-11

05 April 2018

Melchioni will be showcasing an integrated solution within the ambient of industrial automation that combines the use of the Moxa MX-AOPC software suite, the E2200 Smart Ethernet Remote I/O and Progea’s Movicon.NExT SCADA.  They will demonstrate how their solution can be used in a variety of industrial applications by simulating some typical process operations and alarms. Moxa…

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HVAC system for large cruise ships

28 March 2018

Cienne Solutions Italian solution provider, deals with naval and industrial automation systems. The company is particularly specialized in providing turnkey solutions for automation and supervision systems of all equipment relating to ship and yacht engines and generators. In recent years, Cienne Solutions has also started developing HVAC systems for large cruise ships as well. A HVAC management system…

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Movicon.NExT: version 3.4 coming soon

27 March 2018

The 3.4 version of Movicon.Next will be released to coincide with the SPS IPC Drives Italy trade fair and comes enriched with new features, new drivers and improvements to the web functions. One such improvement has enhanced the use of the Alarm Dispatcher with the possibility to send notifications via Telegram and WhatsApp using the modern ‘Push’…

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Connext available now online!

26 March 2018

Connext is the OPC UA Server software for managing connectivity in the world of industrial automation and infrastructures. Connext addresses a market that is very different from the usual market in which Progea operates with its supervision, monitoring and control technologies for HMI and Plant Intelligence. Connext is designed for all those users who do not…

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Building Automation, nice and functional with Movicon.NExT

15 March 2018

Progea system integrator, Arking Consulting, from Fermo in the Marche province of Italy, has created an advanced automation project that manages two separate systems connected to each other in network. The two systems are connected to together within a parent-child architecture that allows them to interact with each other in real-time by sharing their resources, such…

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