Are you at the CSIA Conference this week?

20 April 2016

The right partner will help bring your vision to the next level and execute in the most impactful cost-effective way possible. Progea has been providing intuitive and easy-to-use SCADA/HMI software globally for more than 25 years. Look to Progea to help you infuse new ideas and technology into your development and deployment processes. Progea’s partners…

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Let’s meet at the CSIA 2016 Conference

14 April 2016

The CSIA Executive Conference is right around the corner! Please be sure to stop by the Progea stand (#40) during the Partner Industry Expo on Wednesday afternoon to witness the world’s most open and flexible SCADA/HMI software. At the booth, you will be able to test drive Movicon 11™ SCADA/HMI and Automation Platform.NExT™. Topics: HMI…

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Calculate and analyze overall equipment effectiveness to improve production efficiency

30 March 2016

Now Available: OEE Starter Pack For a limited time, Progea is offering an OEE starter pack to help you calculate and analyze overall equipment effectiveness to improve production efficiency. Progea’s OEE Starter pack can be used as a template to turn any Movicon SCADA Pro project into a robust, intuitive and comprehensive OEE reporting and…

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Movicon 11.5 Release Now Available For Download

25 March 2016

OPC UA Client & Server Technology Available With Movicon 11.5 Movicon 11, a leader within SCDA/HMI products, has been updated with the latest release. The new Movicon 11.5 release is now available in the download area on the website. With the 11.5 version update comes the introduction of OPC UA Client and Server technology, which…

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Case Study: Renewable Energy From Vegetable Oil Fuels Power Station

18 March 2016

Vegetable oil running a power plant? Rapeseed oil is a vegetable product extracted from the rape plant (light yellow flowers shown in picture). Rapeseed oil costs less than diesel and gas and creates 98 percent less pollution. While the use of biofuel in cars has been complicated by technical and legal issues, it is a…

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SCADA/HMI Classroom Training Opportunities

09 March 2016

Want To Learn MoviconTM in Just 2 Days? Progea offers comprehensive Movicon training courses for customers and partners–from Basic to Advanced. The courses are packed with actionable takeaways that enable faster and more efficient implementation of projects from the minute the course is completed. The hands-on, interactive format of the classes ensure that users quickly…

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Automation Platform.NExT Sneak Peak: Video Tutorial Part 1

24 February 2016

The following video is the first in a series that will offer you a sneak peak at Automation Platform.NExT, a software architecture designed for building the foundations of modern automation software. It is an open and scalable platform, based on .NET using the latest software technologies and modular concepts with “plug in” technology. In this…

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Movicon 11 Ensures Millimeter Precision In The MOSE Project

19 February 2016

The MOSE (MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, or Experimental Electromechanical Module in English) is a work of civil engineering designed to protect Venice and its lagoons from high tides and floods in extreme weather conditions by using mobile floodgates that temporarily separate the lagoon area from the sea. The caissons used in the MOSE project for housing…

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New Rockwell I/O Driver for Movicon11 Supports Direct Importing

12 February 2016

Progea has released an updated I/O Driver that provides direct communication between Movicon 11 SCADA/HMI software and Rockwell Automation ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix and FlexLogix controllers. This updated I/O driver is proven to save engineering time and cost for new projects and field changes. Benefits of this new I/O driver includes: Direct import of tags, including…

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Movicon.NExT and Windows IoT technology: Experimental application with Raspberry PI

27 January 2016

Internet of things is a concept that has been around for several years with the idea to make ‘things’ communicate with each other so that they become more intelligent and functional.  Many companies have begun to transform their components in such a way that makes them capable of sharing information with other components.  They are…

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