Building Automation, nice and functional with Movicon.NExT

Progea system integrator, Arking Consulting, from Fermo in the Marche province of Italy, has created an advanced automation project that manages two separate systems connected to each other in network. The two systems are connected to together within a parent-child architecture that allows them to interact with each other in real-time by sharing their resources, such as variables and screens.  The project manages a building where the company offices reside and an adjacent private apartment.


The system has been created to completely manage illumination, irrigation, air conditioning, access/gate control, technological control units, switching machinery on and off, opening and closing of the company building windows and motorized gates.  It also manages and remote controls all the alarms relating to machinery and sensors in the field and integrates a mobile app so that commands can be activated using smartphone devices.  System events, such as turning machines on and alarms, are also alerted to the company internally using a centralized sound diffusion system.


The system also manages the apartment’s lighting, irrigation, air conditioning, gate/access control, opening/shutting of blinds.  It also manages and remote controls all the alarms relating to security sensors (CH4) and pull cord alarms.

Arking Consulting has been operating in the domoticand home automation sectors since 2001 designing and developing control systems for managing home environments and automated systems for the disabled.

The company also operates in the hospital technology sector.  They have developed advanced supervision and control systems for some important hospitals that, in particular, manage systems used in the medical gas sector.  It has also equipped institutes in this specific sector, such at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Superior Health Institute) with supervision and control systems to manage the cryobiology equipment used in new generation biobanks.

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