Hotel Flora

Total Hotel Integration

Using supervision in the hotel business, thanks to the Movicon 11 technology, consents maximum integration of all systems. For example, TopHotel access control systems, the Konnex bus and Tutondo sound systems have been integrated with the Hotel Flora situated on the shores of the Garda Lake in Italy. Let’s see how….

The Parc Hotel Flora went into operation in 1900 in the name of Seevilla, a true calm blissful abode in spring, summer and autumn time, a place of solace for wealthy central European Heliotherapy seekers, clean air and healthy food, under the treatment of Doctor Von Hartungen, on the lake shores once described by Thomas Mann:

“….I always spend some time in the morning rowing on the lake, and particularly at the beginning, I find it fascinating….There’s something extraordinarily moving, for the first time after ages of restlessness one begins to slip into a sunlit peaceful calmness, softly whispering and lapping up the severity of the surrounding mountain fence…”

More than a hundred years of history, in the wake of Mann and Kafta among the most illustrious guests have stepped forth upon the healthy Garda Lake shores in Trentino, have accompanied the structure up till now. Time has transformed its appearance but not its elegance, hospitality and passion for caring for its guests with an accompanying smile in a world of relaxation, tranquility and complete privacy. Today, the Hotel is one of the most prestigious structures overlooking the Garda Lake, combining luxury and beauty with technology. The hotel has recently gone through a renewal process by integrating the most modern and innovative technologies while maintaining its prestigious and elegant context combined with surrounding park grounds. The mission entrusted to Elecom Arco (TN), in charge of all the electrical side, was to provide an advanced technological solution that centralized control of all the building’s electrical and central heating parameters. The building automation side, illumination, access control management and sound distritubion all needed to be managed together from one unique control system responding to an open and flexible main server. Movicon 11 Scada/HMI technolgy with its open platform served this purpose completely.

For room and access management, the choice fell on the TopHotel system distributed by Interal, known as one of the most flexible and reliable systems used nationwide in Italy and recently implemented and used in over 10,000 rooms in Dubai building structures. Furthermore, the clients also needed a partner capable of providing technical help services in engineering the project and Interal proved to be the best choice to realize the supervision software to centralize all three installed subsystems, being:

  • TopHotel for hotel management
  • Konnex system for building automation managment of room suites and common areas (lights, corredors, park, etc.)
  • Totondo Systems for managing sound systems.
  • Authorized Room access system
  • Bathroom emergency call pull cord/button
  • Courtesy Lights
  • Standard room heating control with three spead FanCoil managment
  • Window Sensors
  • Do not disturb signs
  • Clean Room


The supervision designed by Interel, using Due to Progea’s Movicon Scada openness, it can control all the hotel in general by integrating all the various installed systems. The receptionist at the main desk can therefore manage the whole complex using just the one PC, through which data is gathered, displayed and historically logged. A main screen has been designed for each of the hotel’s four floors, providing quick overall consultation of all the main parameters:

TopHotel is an intelligent distributed Bus system, designed to improve electrical systems in hotels and other similar structures. The principle objectives of this system is to: cut energy costs (electrical, air conditioning and heating) and simplify energy management. Infact by using TopHotel it is possible to obtain about a 30% save on cooling, 20% save on heating and 15% on electrical power.

This system simplifies management by monitoring the hotel building in realtime. All information on room and common area statuses can be obtained from the supervision software. The TopHotel system is used for managing the following services:

  • Access control
  • Guests in room
  • Room being cleaned
  • Room temperature
  • Bathroom emergency call pull cord
  • Common area lights

All the electrical and heating parameters of each room can be controlled in detail:

  • Maintained temperature
  • Comfort zone temperature
  • Lowest temperature
  • Guest settable maximum and minimum

The common areas are managed by a Konnex system. All the lighting points and ABB Room

Control management are detailed on screen. All the KNX parameter settings for heating and light sensor control can be accessed from the same software.

Park irrigation is controlled from the screen where over 20 zones can be set with cycle activation and duration times which can also be forced to stop. This type of control permits simple and intuitive irrigation management.

A screen showing the mechanical plant systems permits control of:

  • Air conditioning valves
  • UTA
  • Pumps
  • Seasonal settings

A screen has been dedicated to Tutondo system management to control sound systems in over 20 zones with the possibility to set:

  • Volume
  • Turning on
  • Audio source

To conclude, the Hotel owners are extremely satisfied with the solution outcome and Elecom Srl who carried out the work succeeded in reaching the objectives set in a short period of time.

Today, the Parc Hotel Flora guests can enjoy the wonderful hotel establishment, the Wellness & Spa center, the centuries-old park and other wonderful features offered by the hotel’s structure and lake Garda’s shores which face the hotel directly, exploiting the innovative, open and integrated technologies that in addition to being advanced allow power consumption reductions as proved by being awarded with the “ECOLABEL” European certificate.


Interel Srl – Luca Scalzo

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