Luxury Villa

Luxury Supervision on the Emerald Coast

A splendid and the only Villa on the Emerald Coast to use cutting edge technology for illumination and IP camera surveillance control.

SyncroSystem Srl, from Oristano, was entrusted with a mission to find a solution to manage illumination and IP camera surveillance of an immense and very beautiful residential villa garden in Ramazzino, a hidden and tranquil haven in Porto Cervo along Sardegna’s Costa Smeralda.

The SyncroSystem’s mission was to create an exclusive solution for illuminating various garden features with programmed scenery illumination effects as requested by the owners. This type of request proved to be rather complex due to the various and particular spots that needed illuminating and protecting and which method to use for distributing a system equipped with both centralized and remote control. SyncroSystem, specialized and always ready for challenge in this line of work, opted on installing an illumination control system with 6 NetLog PLCs by Elsist, distributed throughout the surrounding 40 hector garden grounds, connected to each other on a RS485 Modbus and controlled by two touch screen supervision PCs (one Server and one Client), located in the most suitable positions within the large villa.

The chosen PC control system is based on the Movicon Scada/HMI software produced and distributed by Progea and partners with SyncoSystem.

Screens were purposely designed with touch screen buttons to allow the owners to display and view a planimetry of their huge garden and choose which automated and timed illumination scenario to use.

The owner can access their personal control system through the internet whenever and from wherever they happen to be, thanks to Movicon web Client.


The illumination commands can be activated manually or in automatic mode. Another great advantage of using this type of system is that it can be accessed through the Internet. The touch screens are actually connected up to each other in Ethernet, with geographic network access using a router. This enables the owners to access the system and remote control and monitor alarms and IP camera surveillances through the web using a normal internet browser at anytime and from anyplace in the world thanks to the Movicon X Web Client technology.

The PLCs also command and control over 100 sensors scattered all over the property, and manage the alarm system. In addition to the sensors, several IP cameras have also been dislocated evenly through out crucial villa and garden access points and dark spots, consenting a complete and centralized control of all these areas at all times. The IP camera images are transmitted through an Ethernet network to the supervision PC and are managed using the Movicon supervisor’s graphical screens, which display by simply touching the relating area in the planimetry page.

When an alarm occurs, the supervisor alerts any intrusions to both the caretakers and owners by phone with voice calls and SMS. The IP camera images are also available through the web permitting the owners to keep informed visually on the real situation at anytime and from wherever they may happen to be.

All the alarms and anomaly are recorded locally by the system on Historical Log files, so that each alarm can be traced, recorded and inspected jointly by the owner and private security patrol services.

The perfect union of Syncrosystem Automation Srl technical experience, Elsist reliability and Movicon X has allowed this project’s assignments to be achieved to the full satisfaction of a demanding and sophisticated client being the owners of such an exclusive estate.

PierPaolo Vinci – SyncroSystem Automation – Oristano

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