Mini Intralot Casino Royale

Mini Intralot Casino Royale

SESA 2 – F.D. Service – Pascucci & Associates

The new mini Intralot Casino in Via Tiburtina in Rome, a cocktail of high technology, fun and entertainment

A new Intralot “Mini Casino” betting office and Slot machine floor was recently inaugurated in 1131 Via Tiburina in Italy’s capital Rome.This venue was realized with an original design concept combining high technology with modern architecture to give life to special geometrical effects, such as the star laden sky at the entrance and contrasting sharply defined geometrical shapes adorning the three big game rooms.

This betting office come leisure centre has given a new dimension to the betting and game room world with illumination solutions normally taken for granted in other public venues. The inverted pyramid shapes protruding down from the game room ceilings are made from material that promotes optimal color rendering without disturbing the client’s visual comfort. This original architectonic setting was created by architect Maurizio Pascucci from the Pascucci & Associates Studio in cooperation with Baldieri S.r.l for the illumination effects. Backstage, behind this futuristic scenario beats the heart of an intelligent system run by a Building Automation system based on the KNX protocol, designed by the Future Domotic Service.

This system is supervised by Progea’s versatile Movicon 11.2 Scada system, which controls the various hardware components (Siemens and Insta) with extraordinary reliability and stability. By exploiting a simple-to-use, intuitive, and sophisticated graphical user interface, the whole system can easily be controlled and monitored by the not-so-expert user with just a few clicks.

The venue’s planimetry, rendered in 3D by Luca Fiocchetti Luca from F.D Service, is represented on the homepage and main control page from which the game room stewards can choose which chromatic scenario, static or dynamic, is most suitable for each point at each given moment of the day where RGB DMX512 led illumination has been installed and not only.

By exploiting the new built-in power control technology of the Siemens devices, the supervisory system is able to continuously monitor consumption rates of each one of the electrical circuits.This enables the management to verify the actual amount of time each circuit is in use so that a maintenance intervention plan can be defined to prevent any malfunctioning from occurring. Thanks to Movicon’s logic, alarms can be set to immediately alert the lack of consumption after electrical circuits have been activated.

Yet again the KNX technology represents a main power point for ensuring positive results in high stability, functionality and interoperability.


Ing.Fiocchetti Dario

Progea S.r.l.


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