Included Features

Plant Access – Any Place, Any Time.

Movicon Web Client Offers Flexibility and Cost Savings With the Movicon™ Web Client you can access your plant from any place at any time using a standard browser or via an iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device. Movicon Web Client uses a thin client, enabling the entire application to reside and be processed on the…

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Check Out Progea’s FREE Support Resources

Feeling Stuck? Looking For New Ideas? Let Progea’s Support Help Take Your Project To The Next Level. Progea takes pride in being a collaborative partner that creates cost-effective automation solutions based on customer needs.  System integrators and end users can be assured professional support during the development process, as well as after deployment. Free web…

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Movicon 11™ Offers Unsurpassed Built-In Reporting Management Tools

Enhanced Reporting Tools Save Users Time and Money Reporting is a critical aspect of managing efficient facility operations. Why spend extra time and money integrating reporting tools when Movicon 11 includes built-in reporting management tools? Movicon’s Report Designer is straightforward, yet offers customization options so users can manipulate data for analysis based on business requirements.…

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