HMI universal control unit 4.0

The application developed with Movicon.NExT, manages a universal control unit designed to test the resilience of various types of valves. Each valve type is tested for leakages with a programmable tester manufactured by third parties. In addition, the company’s business managerial system also had to be fully integrated with this application.  This Supervision or rather HMI application uses…

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Movicon of Progea in the Chemical sector
February 15, 2018 / Blog, Movicon, News, Recent News, Scada

The company I.T. Technologies of Modena, Progea’s Solution Provider, implemented a supervision and data acquisition system for an important customer in the chemical sector. The project has been installed in a plant used for the automatic dosing of chemical products inside tanks for the pre-treatment of the materials to be painted. The plant consists of several tanks where the…

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Movicon.NExT in the food industry

The industry Salumi Simonini S.p.a. is a recognized both nationally and internationally market, and has obtained many of the most important health certifications that the market requires today. Now, as a further step forward, the management decided to implement a supervisory, data collection and analysis system, to optimize the production process and keep costs and waste under control. The project, which will…

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Progea confirms its presence in India with JVC Aichelin Unitherm.

JVC Aichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Private Limited – headquartered in Talegaon, Pune, India – is the resulting company of Unitherm Engineers Limited (India) e Aichelin Holding GmbH (Austria). They are the technological leader for industrial plants and components for the heat and thermochemical treatment of metal parts. The activities include all phases of…

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Movicon in the Pharmaceutical sector: A FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Success Story

Progea recently posted a new Pharmaceutical success story for an application utilizing a variable data printing system for medical bottles and subsequent OCR control for end-of-line sorting system equipped with a reject station. The system architecture consisting of a HMI panel for interfacing with the PLC, inkjet printer, IP camera viewer system and drivers controlled…

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Movicon.NExT Extends its Driver Library by adding the IEC 60870-5-104 Driver

This new driver allows direct communication between Movicon.NExT and distributed radio control systems by using the IEC 870-5-104 standard as the communication protocol between the platform and any remote control unit (RTU) compliant to this standard. With this new driver, Movicon.NExT extends it connectivity, enabling connectivity to an even wider range of remote devices.The IEC…

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