Connext available now online!

Connext is the OPC UA Server software for managing connectivity in the world of industrial automation and infrastructures. Connext addresses a market that is very different from the usual market in which Progea operates with its supervision, monitoring and control technologies for HMI and Plant Intelligence.
Connext is designed for all those users who do not necessarily use Movicon but other rival products, or those who develop in-house software, or simply need to create Industry 4.0 projects that necessitate functions that perform a gateway and connections between factory devices and the IT level, database and Cloud to collect data. Connext can provide all these functions developed and based on the Progea know-how that is already integrated and available in Movicon.
The Connext 3.3 release no longer requires the SQL Server Express to be installed like and is easier to download and setup as well as easier to use to create connectivity projects. However, those who use Connext to record data on database can continue using the SQL Server or other Relational DBs (such as MySQL or Oracle).

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