Courses on Demand

Contact us to have a tailored course on demand!

Many clients often need a specific training program tailored to their particular needs which may derive from the application type they need to realize or application problems they need to solve. The expert Progea technicians are fully qualified to answer client queries and problems being exprienced, provide application solutions or satisfy particular application requirements. The tailor-made courses are based on specific training programs to confront the arguments submitted by the client. The module or the program is designed for the arguments put forward by the client by applying concrete and clear and direct examples. The duration of the course differs according to subject matter. By the end of the course the client is expected to have completed the whole program proposed and return to work fully satisfied and prepared. The client is recommended to take full advantage of this course by using it along side the application they are developing on a learn-as-you-go basis.

Courses on demand can be managed fitting your needs, at our offices or at your site.

The modules can be as indicated on our Training Programs, or you can ask a specific training based on your project's needs. We can assist you in creating your specific project, and give you all the consultance you need to have success quickly and safely.

Standard Courses

Standard courses are scheduled yearly at Progea locations. Have a look at the calendar and register yourself for the preferred date.

Training Programs

Check out the Training's modules details here. You can ask for a Course On Demand, customizing your training on your project's needs.