Driving Automotive Production Efficiency

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries around the globe today. Requirements for cost, quality and speed to market have never been greater and the stakes are high. Innovative TV commercials work to set automotive companies apart to consumers, but the innovation starts behind the scenes.

To produce the cutting edge car and truck designs consumers and corporate fleets demand at competitive price points, automotive production requires powerful software to closely manage the assembly lines on the plant floor.  Automotive automation software must offer the ability to visualize assembly from start to finish, reduce costs of plant floor operations and maintain high safety standards.

Automotive production lines need to be straightforward and simple to use, yet provide the operator with all the real-time information required to ensure all components involved in the entire production process are working correctly and efficiently through a centralized control software.  For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly critical to have one system to manage enterprise wide information flows versus spending time and money fitting multiple solutions together.

Progea’s Movicon (TM) 11 provides powerful yet easy to use SCADA/HMI software that offers multiple built-in, out-of-the-box features you won’t find anywhere else, greatly reducing the need to add components and allowing you to focus on a single software. Movicon 11 has proven successful as an automotive industry solution with key players in the market because it enables efficient design to decrease development times and offers unrivaled deployment flexibility.

Progea’s automotive industry software solution for automation is scalable from embedded controllers to full operator control centers and offers one system to manage enterprise wide information flows, even across multiple locations around the globe.

The combination of shorter development cycles, deployment flexibility and ongoing data analysis capabilities all aid automotive companies in gaining speed to market and arm them with an ongoing competitive edge.

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Progea’s products provide a solution for every civil or industrial automation industry need, no matter how complex. One Software. Endless Possibilities.

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