Simple and effective software solutions to monitor and optimize energy efficiency


The goal is to use energy more efficiently and save on bills that constitute a very important percentage of the company running costs and building management.

Progea offers software solutions to monitor and optimize energy efficiency to allow companies to reduce energy costs. Careful analysis of consumption data and implementation of efficiency concepts will gain the company considerable cost returns while reducing environmental impact caused by energy waste.

Optimizing energy consumption costs is a legitimate obligation that will benefit us all


The implementation of stringent norms have led companies to adopt new standards of energy efficiency as defined by the ISO-50001 normative relating to Energy Management standards or EN-15232 relating to energy classification.


A strong company strategy for constant measuring and monitoring of electricity, gas, water, compressed air or steam usages will earn the company considerable savings and greater competitiveness.

Collecting data from all energy vectors is easy and straightforward with Pro.Energy©


Flexible and effective software


Productivity reality does not always live up to our expectations due to unforeseeable circumstances such as unavoidable scheduled production downtimes (due to absence of staff or ongoing maintenance) or unscheduled downtimes (due to unexpected system failure or malfunctioning) or increased number of product rejects.   These problems are clearly caused by machine inefficiency that can be measured by using the OEE metrics (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) . The conditions that cause these problems are called “equipment-related losses” (losses related to equipment).

There are 3 main measurable components that OEE uses in order to obtain the equipment-related losses:

  • Availability: losses due to downtimes
  • Quality: losses due to process defects
  • Performance: losses due to slack productivity

These three components account for all the causes of production loss as well as unexpected downtimes that are not caused by failure (Set up, change of production, scheduled maintenance, meetings, holidays, strikes, etc.). Some machine malfunctions are alerted directly and automatically (alarms ).  While others are left to the operator’s descretion to stop production in order to avoid further loss in downtimes due to unclassified causes.


Movicon Pro. Energy: the solution for monitoring and energy efficiency.


Pro.Energy © is the software for the monitoring and analysis of energy efficiency in all sectors, be able to monitor the consumption and guide the company on the path to cost reduction, efficiency and sustainability.

Deploying Pro.Lean © will enable you to communicate with any field device or system, collect and record data on database. This data can then be used to analyse your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your machines and measureThe Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) indicators are essential to performing effective consumption analysis. They are the most reliable method to use in analyzing and improving energy efficiency by detecting energy waste to drive its elimination. Pro.Energy© collects all energy carrier data, records it on a database to enable thorough and accurate analysis using specially designed reports, charts and tables. It is based on simple and reliable technology that is ready to use but can be customized as needed. Downtimes to know exactly where and how to remove inefficiences, reduce loss and maximize profits.