Movicon 11™ Offers Unsurpassed Built-In Reporting Management Tools

Enhanced Reporting Tools Save Users Time and Money

Reporting is a critical aspect of managing efficient facility operations. Why spend extra time and money integrating reporting tools when Movicon 11 includes built-in reporting management tools?

Movicon’s Report Designer is straightforward, yet offers customization options so users can manipulate data for analysis based on business requirements. The reporting tool includes intuitive reports with powerful built-in features, including formulas, filters, recordset, sub-reports, charts and more.

The Report Designer is based on .Net technology, which allows powerful reports to be generated visually with statistical and graphical chart and graph functions to further simplify report generating within the same project.

After reports are designed, users can harness these powerful reporting tools to view, print, save, send or publish reports over the web with Embedded Reports.  A built-in, cross-platform and graphical-based Report Embedded designer allows Movicon users to generate easy-to-use reports.  Users can create reports that are populated with data recorded by Data Loggers, and create simple reports that will be displayed and printed on any platorm or devive.

Read More about Movicon 11 reporting tools here.

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