Movicon™ BA is much more than a Supervision Tool

Movicon ™ BA makes it extremely easy to integrate and manage all systems of any building type whether residential or industrial. By using a PC workstation, a Touch Screen, mobile device or any web Browser you will be able to perform the following:

  • Lighting Control and Management
  • Comfort and Climate (heating, air conditioning, HVAC) Control and Management
  • Technical Systems Control and Management (motors, valves, services)
  • Water System Control and Management (lift pumps, irrigation, etc.)
  • Comfort Management based on saved environment settings and configurations
  • Data and Alarm Management deriving from Anti-Intrusion System or Access Control
  • Data acquisition and management from Fire Alarm Systems
  • Power consumption monitoring with optional circuit breaker switch functions
  • Weather reports and window shutters and blinds, window, shed and roof top window control etc.
  • Power Consumption Control and Management (water, lighting, air conditioning and heating)
  • Statistical analysis
  • CCTV and IP Camera video feedback acquisition and management
  • Web-enabled IP Camera interface managemen
  • Emergency lighting Control and Management
  • Alternative energy systems management such as photovoltaic or cogeneration systems