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The easiest way to understand the power, flexibility, and scalability of our SCADA/HMI software is to put it to the test.

Our Movicon® download contains the complete application and all of the necessary components to build and run a project so you can see the benefits of the software firsthand. The architecture, simplicity and performance of Movicon make it a perfect SCADA/HMI solution for any sector in the world of automation.

Some of the other key attributes you will experience when working with Movicon:

The projects are XML\XAML based offering support to the latest Microsoft technologies for seamless integration with your third-party solutions. These simple XML\XAML files, can also be opened and edited with other editors for easy management and updates.

Non-proprietary solution, vectoral editor, VBA & VB.NET script engine, data base plug-ins (already in use by your IT department), historical package included...

Projects, even though based on XML\XAML, can be encrypted with 128-bit coding algorithms. The FDA CFR21 Part 11 normative is completely integrated in the platform, making it extremely simple to create FDA ready applications. With over a thousand levels and 16 areas of access, security can easy be configured for even the most critical of applications.

Movicon™ is completely based on standard technologies, making sure that your investments are well safeguarded.

Powerful web client technologies based on Java or HTML5, allow you to publish your application in a few mouse clicks. Whether using a standard web browser or one of our easy to use apps (iOS, Android, and Windows) your application can be available when and where you need it.

You can download your FREE software demo today, the first step in discovering how you can deliver SCADA/HMI solutions your clients will find both useful and easy to use.


We offer two solutions. Which one is right for you?

Movicon™ 11 is based on traditional and well-established technologies, unmatched for reliability, simplicity and performance.

Movicon 11 is a standard software for all those working in industrial automation, remote control, utilities and building automation. A truly universal SCADA/HMI platform, independent from hardware, adaptable and deployable absolutely anywhere.

Movicon 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control, and data acquisition software applications with an operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems. The proven technology of Movicon makes it possible to guarantee reliability and at the same time remaining open with unmatched flexibility.

Based on the Automation Platform.NExT™ software architecture designed by Progea for building the base of modern automation projects and systems.

It is an open and scalable platform based on .NET and the latest connectivity software and the new generation of WPF/XAML vector graphics rendering software. It is structured on the modular concepts with plug-in technology to make industrial software architecture more open and scalable by integrating functional modules that are capable of managing all business enterprise needs efficiently.

The Platform has been designed to offer an all-rolled-into-one modular and flexible work environment to design, engineer, and distribute industrial software applications for managing field communication, data collection, graphical HMI interfaces, supervision, historical analysis, business productivity efficiency calculations, maintenance management, event notification management and much more.

Both Movicon 11.5 & Movicon.NExT are compatible with Windows 10.

Two amazing platforms!

Movicon 11

Starting @ $495.00 perpetual (north america)
  • All-in-one Editor
  • Scalable from Windows™ CE to 10
  • Native, Built-in Communication Drivers
  • Vector Graphics
  • Alarm Management and Notification
  • Simple Report Designer
  • Data Logging to any Relational DB (encrypted option)
  • Security and 21 CFR Part 11 Ready
  • Easy to use Web Client
  • Trends, Data Analysis, and Charts


Starting @ $795.00 perpetual (north america)
  • Similar features as Movicon 11 + (plus)
  • GeoSCADA
  • HTML5 Web Client
  • Web Reports and Data Dashboards
  • IIoT Ready
  • XAML and 3D Graphics
  • Historian and Data Aggregation
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Microsoft, and HoloLens
  • Logic Builder
  • and much more...

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