Downtime Analysis

Know Your Downtime


The OEE and downtime analysis values.

What is causing your Downtime?...

The performance indicators alone are not enough to detect the causes of inefficiencies. Data collection systems need to be evaluated for their capacity to provide the right information that enables detection of the macro causes that determine productivity loss and diminishes performance.

This information is essential to ascertain what and where the causes of inefficiency are in order to eliminate them. This requires the full cooperation of the operators to not just control alarm events, automatically triggered by the system, but to establish the reasons why production downtime events occur in the actual machinery being used (e.g. format change, setup, raw material shortage, scheduled maintenance, meetings and work breaks. Pro.Lean© includes analysis modules for Downtime event causes to generate a statistical analysis of the downtime causes based on various and configurable reason options.

Production managers can refer to this analysis to obtain the vital information they need to recover efficiency, implement corrective intervention and improve production management.

Pocket Analysis for Mobile systems

The integrated Web and Web Client technology will enable you access to your performance indicators using any Smartphone and Tablet from wherever you may be!

The Statistical Analysis

The DownTime Analysis Module is used for visualizing statistical data relating to production downtimes. This is done by graphically representing data in classification of date order, total duration or event frequency. The values displayed in these classifications are extracted from historicals and represented in graphs that offer a selection of different data filters that include by time range, batch, shift or operator. The graphs can be displayed and printed as histograms or with statistical data represented by overlapping curves. In addition to the statistical calculations and graphics the system also provides data summary tables in detailed report format to represent all the data filtered.