Performance Analysis


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the production process is crucial for eliminating weak spots and increasing performances.

Performances on Dashboards and Reports with quick, reliable and transparent information

Pro.Lean© has been designed to guarantee perfect visualization of all the performance parameters and indicators collected by the production system using the real-time data dashboard displays and analytical reports.

These tools offer transparent and accurate data containing all the information needed to achieve reduced production loss and increased business activity. By using the Movicon technology combined with the Pro.Lean© module, you will be able to view your company’s performance indicators on local video screen monitors with dashboard displays and over the internet by using a simple browser. This will drastically cut management, maintenance and licensing costs more than any other OEE system on the market thus allowing you to minimize company investments.

Dashboard Data

The collected data are represented by the Pro.Lean© module in real-time using attractive graphical dashboards to display indicators and operating statuses with great clarity. Operators will be able to supervise and control all productivity processes from wherever and whenever by using the web interface graphics.

The dashboard interface has been designed with the latest ergonomic requirements in mind equipped with the option to customize. The integrated and advanced supervision and control functionalities enable the module to function as a supervisor.

The OEE indicators (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) are recognized as the most effective key indicators for measuring overall plant system efficiency. The OEE is aimed at assisting companies with maximizing market output by increasing productivity in the three key areas: availability, performances and quality.

Real time data acquisition combined with the OEE analysis make the Pro.Lean© model an essential tool for any manufacturing company business manager. Aided with this module managers will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the production area performances and identify the factors restricting opportunities to improve efficiency. Pro.Lean© does this by offering a vision-wide perspective correlating the productive and functional aspects, production rates and quality using common metrics to provide unique calculated performance measurements.

The OEE calculations take into account three factors:

1. Availability - takes into account Down Time loss and is calculated on the percentage of effective operating time in respect to planned or ideal production time.
2. Performance - takes into account Speed Loss and is calculated on the percentage of pieces effectively produced in respect to programmed target total and ideal run time.
3. Quality - takes into account quality loss and is calculated on good pieces produced and total number of pieces produced.

These indicators are applicable using Time Range, Production Line, Machine, Shift, Batch and Operator filters.

OEE = Availability * Performance * Quality

This crucial information enables managers to establish means of improving production assets, machine efficiency, optimize production time and reduce waste. A calculated low OEE value will inevitably cause the company an increase in unitary production costs and consequently a reduction in profits and opportunities. This would mean that a production line running 24/7 would lose 4% of its productivity potential for every hour lost in a production downtime event. By analyzing production data to detect the bottlenecks and downtime events will enable the company to take immediate action to reduce loss. For instance, by recovering just 2% loss means that the weekly production rate will retrieve 3.5 hours of productivity time. On an annual basis this will mean an additional 168 hours of productivity. In brief a simple 2% production recovery translates into a significant increase in profits. Today, based on a theoretical OEE value of 100%, the most efficient and high productivity company will generally reach an OEE value equal to 80-85%. Without using any control methods most companies operate on average at an OEE value level of around 60%. Therefore it is paramount to take into account the opportunities offered by the OEE indicators to reduce loss and consequently increase profits.

How can OEE be increased?

The OEE is an essential parameter as a reference indicator for analysing production processes by calculating the overall performance of the production plant and classifying the different production losses according to the three following factors:

  • Availability
  • Efficiency
  • Quality

These are the three main factors that influence overall company efficiency and productivity. The accuracy of the OEE values depends on automatic real-time production data collection consistency. Without accurate measurements and access to punctual extraction of production data it will be impossible to ascertain the right interventions needed for improving and rendering the production process more efficient. This is why Progea has designed Pro.Lean© and is the most simple and cost effective solution to use. Production line information flows can be managed by being aggregated and placed at the disposal of company managers with great clarity and simplicity. This tool is essential for closing the gap that is often created between the field production,company management and planning.

Pro.Lean© is based on Industrial Connectivity and Data Collection technology and has been tested with Movicon for many years by Progea.

The Pro.Lean© module provides automatic and intuitive management of the “Historian” component for collecting and recording data, the “Dashboard” component for displaying the key indicators KPI, OEE) in real time and Reports for analyzing data collected and archived by date, shift, operator, machine, product and batch. By being aided with the Pro.Lean© solution each manufacturing company will be able to discover the real production capacity of their systems, production lines and machinery. Pro.Lean© facilitates the task of detecting critical weak spots and defects by providing the information needed to eliminate them and improve overall efficiency. This will give production plants the opportunity to increase their value, improve productivity and thus increase profits whilst reducing investment recovery time and strengthening the entire company’s competitive presence at home and overseas. It goes without saying that in today’s competitive world influenced by the effect of globalization, manufacturing companies cannot risk becoming inefficient and non-competitive. It is strategically logical to reduce production costs, improve production line and machine use and flexibility to improve not only product quality but services as well. Pro.Lean© offers cost contained tools for collecting real time information from production flows and analyzing the coefficients of efficiency using tables and graphs in an open and integrated web-enabled architecture that also enables direct connection to the company IT tools (ERP, SAP).