The Platform.NExT SCADA/HMI new generation technology.


Plug-in Framework

The new Automation Platform.NExT™ technology is based on .NET code that exploits the 64 bit system potentiality with a Plug-in framework purposely designed to guarantee reliability, openness and performance.

New Generation WPF and XAML graphics

Movicon.NExT™ offers a new user interface conceptthat uses the latest generation of DirectX graphicsacceleration to fully exploit the exceptional quality ofWPF/XAML vector graphics technology in 2D and 3D.

OPC UA and I/O Driver Connectivity

Platform.NExT™ is based on a client/server architectureusing the information model defined by the OPC UAstandards that exploit the WCF technology in communication infrastructures.

Performing Database and Cloud

Platform.NExT™ uses the VFS (Virtual File System) torender applications independent from persistent datamodels. This will enable users to freely connect to relational databases (i.e. SQL Server), use cloud computing (e.g. Azure) or use normal XML files on disk for historically logging and archiving process or project data.

I/O Data Server - Robust,Safe and efficient Data Server

The Platform.NExT™ I/O Data Server has been designed on robust and reliable client-server architecture. The I/O Data Server engines handle real-time information by managing communications as defined in the Address Space, a collection point of all the variables connected to field devices.

Alarm Dispatcher

Unmanned or partially manned plant systems ensureinformation is supplied quickly to on-call duty staff toavoid unnecessary prolonged production downtimes. This is one of the reasons why all the project alarms can beconfigured to immediately notify predefined users.

Statistical Downtime Analysis

Plant production and maintenance managers needreliable tools that are capable of statistically analyzingplant downtimes during periods of production runs.

Audit Trails

Audit trails can be applied to each data value andvariation for recording and reporting each changewith consequent values, time stamp and user responsible.

FDA CFR21 Part 11 and GAMP5

All the CFR21 Part 11 requirements have beenimplemented for creating FDA and GAMP5 readyprojects with simplicity.


The Scheduler server is equipped with functions and commands purposely designed to render object configuration extremely simple and functional for those objects designated to perform specific functions at particular scheduled times. Schedules can also be in Runtime mode using the appropriate graphical object.

Users and Password management

The Movicon.NExT™ applications ensure the maximum level of security and reliability. The complete and robust users and password management, has been designed explicitly to guarantee that conformity to the stringent security norms is an integral part of project designing and is achievable with simplicity.

Archive Manager

Platform.NExT™ has an extremely advanced Recipeeditor which is used for configuring the archive management in asynchronous mode in respect to the Address Space. The editor enables Recipe objects to be managed with data layouts, freely configurable user interfaces and connectivity to independent devices.

Multilanguage texts with simultaneous translation

Each Movicon project can contain an unlimited numberof text strings in all languages to localize the project withany language or character set (Unicode also with UTF-16code for Asian and Arabic characters).

Built-in geo-localization

Movicon.NExT™ projects can be geo-localized. Integrationwith cartography and geographical maps allow the userto define geographic co-ordinates for specific screens orprojects to dynamically display desired access points andinformation on maps.

Integrated VB.NET language

Platform.NExT™ integrates a powerful VB.NET engine, capable of executing code compatible with the VB.NET standard (Visual Basic for .NET™), with a vast and powerful set of APIs. Not only are event and method properties provided to customize any type of system functionality, but they can be used to gain full access to your system’s .NET world.

Powerful Analysis Tools

A major part of the ToolBox objects allow database connectivity for representing and manipulating linked data tables, independent of the fact that they have been recorded by the Platform.NExT™ Historian engine: ComboBox, lists, grids and many other controls enable users to create any type of interface to display and manipulate data in database tables.

Report Manager

Platform.NExT™ offers unbeatable report management potentiality. The Report Manager module offers a visual object-oriented interface that enables the user to create Reports by following a short step-by-step procedure, wizards and templates. The.NET technology-basedReport Manager enables users to create powerful visual reports intuitively using the tools provided in the toolbox.

User Management

Movicon.NExT™ allows user profiles to be defined with mixed configurations among other project users, Runtime administrator users, Windows™ domain users and connected child project users.


Platform.NExT™ uses innovative criteria to record historical data, to archive plant system data on a database, harddisk, or to offsite cloud storage, and guarantee everlasting performance and security independently from the volume ofdata involved. Using the Progea Virtual File System (VFS) technology, thepersistent data model integrated in Platform.NExT™ enables project independence from servers and databaseformats so that users can define where to archive dataindependently from their project.

Support the latest generation of 3D graphics

Movicon.NExT™ offers support to dynamic 3D graphics visualizations with XAML technology. Screens can display 3D models imported or selected from those included in the platform. Various advanced functions have been provided to enable the design engineer to animate graphics with 3D model components and define room sequences containing different 3D scenarios for trajectoryviewing.

Trends, Data Analysis and Tables

Sophisticated Trend objects allow access to data and displaycurves representing process data behavior. The Trends can be both dynamic or historical(run-pause) and the providesophisticated features for representing values graphically,with ample freedom to customize pens and legends. Data can be displayed according to time/date range and other filters have been provided for zooming, pen selecting, logarithmic scales,fit-into-one-page graphics, printing, etc.

New Generation Graphics Libraries

The symbol library has been completely redesigned based on XAML to exploit the most modern graphics solutions using different stylesand storyboards. Users can now implement a rich variety of top quality graphics in their SCADA/HMI solutions by using the obect and symbol libraries containing graphics for every industrial use.

Alarm Manager - Alarm and Event Management

The Alarm Manager is the Platform.NExT™ Alarm Server module that provides a all included powerful alarm management to guarantee that events are handled with maximum precision. Users are provided with a vast variety of detailed information to keep them constantly and completely updated on all ongoing plant system activities and situations.

Expression Generator

Movicon.NExT™ also offers the use of a “VB.NET Expression Generator” for editing expressions directly within objects as an alternative to using tags.

Web Server

Platform.NExT™ offers new generation client solutions that include APPs for WinRT and Windows Phone. The new Web Client technology has also been integrated to enable access via the web using HTML5 technologies. This enables users to choose which client technology best suits their kind of architecture.