Historian & Data Collection

Data Collection


Process data is archived in SQL Server™ relational database.

Movicon Pro.Lean - Historian

All the process data collected by Movicon Pro.Lean© is recorded and archived for subsequent analysis using the Data Logger objects that are created automatically by the Pro.Lean© configuration wizard.

The task of the configuration wizard is to enable simple data aggregation and define the recording and archiving modes. This important task is performed by guaranteeing the simplicity, reliability and openness concepts. It is not necessary to have a Microsoft SQL Server™ license for Pro.Lean© to work in simple architecture. The data tables are structured automatically and the calculation database provides all the information needed for quick and effective analysis in dashboard and analytical report viewers. Moreover the simple object-based configuration enables real-time data to be custom managed, displayed and recorded due to the Movicon platform architecture design of which Pro.Lean© is a functional module.

Data collection openness

The collection of alarm data, machine downtime event, if not already available as digital information from the PLC, may require HMI interface on the local production monitor. The Pro.Lean© architecture is ideal for connecting remote workstation terminals, whether Web-based or local HMI on operator panels based on Windows CE at a low cost. The Pro.Lean© system has powerful and integrated tools to enable collection points of data containing information on downtime events when required. In cases where operator workstations are already equipped with an HMI system, the Movicon Pro.Lean© web interface can easily be installed internally to protect investments without needing any complicated interventions permitting you to cut down on investment costs.

Data Redundancy

Movicon Pro.Lean© offers application of a data Redundancy function for automatic synchronization of historical data in PC systems with redundant hardware and communications in “Mission Critical” data collection systems.

Real-Time DB with integrated I/O Drivers, OPC and DB connectors for total connectivity.

Communicating quickly and securely is essential to enable MES systems to provide all the necessary realtime data where needed. With Movicon integrated Pro.Lean© is able to represent the gathering point of
process data as a crossroads of the company production system information flow. As the strategic role of communication is essential, Pro.Lean© provides all the tools to ensure that the flow of information is smooth, fast and transparent.

I/O Drivers

The I/O Driver library contains a vast selection of native and integrated I/O Drivers for communicating with control systems (PLC, CNC, instrumentation, Fieldbus).


Both Client and Server OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC DA XML technology has been integrated. OPC UA is also available as an option.


Vast network connectivity in distributed workstation networks to include WinCE HMI panels as well.

DB Connectors

Special input and output DB connectors to any database, application or company system using simple shared tables for connecting to any managerial system (ERP) or company SAP systems. This makes Movicon Pro.Lean© the best system for connecting managerial levels with production levels thus enterprise-wide connectivity to make production data easily available to top company levels in real-time.