Thinking to the future of automation software

Progea has always focused on technology evolution, anticipating customer needs and seeking out new horizons in automation software. Our vast experience in advanced technology applications, makes us highly qualified to satisfy the most demanding application needs.

To help our customers stay highly competitive and give them continued confidence in our value as a strategic partner, we develop and produce software products (SCADA, SoftLogic, Web-based software) based on open and standard architectures that are easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable to ensure customer satisfaction and success. In a highly technical field such as ours, we know how crucial it is to invest substantial resources in R&D so that clients are constantly updated with the best technology.

Progea also provides top-level technical services and assistance at home and abroad; we’re represented by a large number of highly qualified partners and solution providers who are always on hand to provide assistance and support around the world.

Research and Development

Progea’s R&D department has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and University Research (MUIR) research laboratories and is used as part of the computer science curriculum in many institutes of higher education in Italy. A great deal of time and effort is dedicated to researching new ideas and technology so that we can provide the most reliable and innovative products. Market research in the latest trends in all sectors—environmental, medical, industrial to name but a few—is constantly conducted by our researchers so that we can develop the most valuable technologies to our customers. We’re also active members of the OPC foundation consortium and collaborate with other members globally to help develop a better technological world.