The Software for Integrated Building Management.

Scheduler Management

Movicon™ BA uses purpose-built scheduler command objects that are simple and intuitive to use in calender planning. Calender configurations can be managed with various calender graphics or in table format which include holiday planning management as well.

Video Camera Management

Movicon ™ BA provides native solutions for managing images imported from IP Cameras. Images can be viewed both on local PCs and embedded systems (WinCE, PocketPC) or over the web using purposely designed display screens without the aid of additional and costly add-ons. Movicon ™ BA also accepts the integration of external components such as ActiveX and third-party libraries (DLL) to ensure users get full support for the most basic to the most advanced digital video supervision systems.

Speech Recognition

Movicon ™ BA offers a Speech Recognition facility that will enable users to interact with the control system using vocal commands as one would do in natural everyday situations. Once enabling this feature your control will automatically recognize vocal commands, request confirmation or ask for the value desired (i.e. a temperature setting). The use of vocal commands is an alternative way to evoking commands using touch screens and keyboards.

The Benefits of Flexibility: one-only configuration environment for scalable runtime applications from Windows Server to Windows CE, or in Server, Client or Web Client architectures.

Movicon ™ BA project flexibility is empowered by XML-based project designing. This means the same one project can be executed in different architectures from safe redundant server systems for “mission critical” applications down to micro-applications for touchscreen, embedded, mobile and Windows CE-based systems. Easier to manage, very cost effective and scalable. Just the one software for your every application need.