Integrated Communication for:

  • BACNet IP
  • CEI-ABI El.Mo. Ethernet
  • CEI-ABI El.Mo. Serial
  • CEI-ABI Notifier Ethernet E-Net
  • CEI-ABI Notifier Serial
  • Duemmegi MCPXT
  • OVA Dardo Plus Emergency Lamps
  • EIB - Konnex
  • Guardall PS002
  • IEC 60870-5-101 Serial Unbalanced
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Ethernet
  • Intermod Modbus Serial
  • LONWorks
  • Modbus Serial RTU
  • Modbus Ethernet TCP-IP
  • Mp110 (Elkron)
  • Notifier
  • I/O Data Exchange
  • SNMP Manager
  • OPC Client and Server
  • ODBC RealTime

Movicon ™ BA includes several built-in communication drivers, ready for connecting the most common systems and devices used in building automation, such as networks, buses, dashboards, control units or specific devices. The main drivers include import functions to reduce configuration delays and errors. Moreover, the Movicon ™ BA platform fully supports OPC technology on both Client-side and Server-side.