HMI Licensing Solutions

Licensing Solutions

Our HMI business model allows a full customization of the software to fit your business needs..

Licensing Policy

Movicon PowerHMI permits you to choose runtime solutions for Windows CE and Win32/64. Movicon PowerHMI can be purchased at a better price on the internet for single quantities only, with immediate receipt of your Movicon PowerHMI runtime license at a quality/price ratio never seen before in the professional world.

The Licensing policy caters for the superior functionalities in Windows CE runtime, whereas only the one runtime license providing the basics is available for Win32/64, and therefore allowing the Movicon license function modularity to be tailored as needed according to purchase requirements.

The “Open” ” Editor policy means product can be used without developer license with the option to purchase editor when needing access to the Technical Support Services.

OEM Solutions

Progea grants customized sales agreements to OEMs offering solutions aimed at selling by volume or according to a sales plan agreement for optimal license cost-effectiveness. If you wish to standardize Movicon PowerHMI in your systems please contact us: our ad hoc solutions will help you save further on costs!

Solutions for Partners

Progea has instituted a partnership policy aimed at automation device manufacturing companies to pre-install Movicon PowerHMI runtime in their automation products (embedded or standard).

This partnership permits partners to enhance their hardware product with added value and stay competitive by proposing their hardware with powerful and integrated HMI software.