Logging and Statistical Analysis

Movicon ™ BA includes powerful Data Loggers that can log any event, alarm or process information (temperatures, consumption values, etc.), and save data history to Relational Database files in full automated mode. The historical log format is open by credit of the ODBC technology, and supports SQL Server, Access, Oracle and more. Logged data may be viewed in 2D and 3D Charts, Trends, Tables and Reports and over the web. Powerful tools for analytically managing events and system downtimes make it possible to get reports on the duration of total and partial downtimes. The resulting data is displayable in table, pie chart or histogram format to reveal the alarms relating to the preselected period as well as their classification by “Duration” or “Frequency”. These reports can be viewed or printed upon command or whenever a specific event occurs and exported in various formats (Excel, PDF, HTML). The reports are designed to contain both concise and detailed information about every single alarm being statistically analyzed.

Planned Maintenance

Movicon ™ BA simplifies planned maintenance with the option to activate alarms based on the statistical duration value instead of the associated variable’s set value. This makes is easier to set thresholds with set-points based on the variable’s total time ON. To support users further in their work, Movicon ™ also includes the option to associate external files to activate HTML help files, .AVI movie files, .WAV sound files (.WAV) or BMP files.

Power Consumption Analysis and Energy Efficiency

New technologies make it possible to manage and optimize energy resources used in buildings with the aim to improve the global environment crisis situation. Energy management efficiency is aimed at reducing emissions, consumption levels and energy waste to improve energy efficiency and reduce building running costs. The Directive EN15232, issued by the European Commission, defines Building Automation functions that when implemented have an impact on the building’s energy performance. It also provides methods for evaluating various requirements entailed and the effects of Building Automation Control Systems (BACS) on a long term basis by assessing and classifying the results obtained. Modern building project engineers can now integrate the latest technologies for improving energy efficiency by using a supervision system. Movicon ™ BA is perfect for this job purposely designed as a smart system for detecting, monitoring and adapting energy consumption levels based on the building’s current needs. Integrating Movicon ™ BA into your the building management process will save you 5% to 30% on energy consumption according to building size. This will lead to a substantial save in energy costs, quick investment returns with a considerable lower impact on the environment with less polution thus contributing to eliminating the global greenhouse effect.