Man-down tracking system.

The lone worker safety app that connects to Movicon.

Aldea Srl is from Rome and is a software house specialized in developing innovative projects with particular skills in mobile and system integration.

The VerticalMan app is used by lone workers to monitor their actions and sends alerts in the event of emergencies and alarm situations, such as Man Down, Man Immobile, Low Battery, SOS and other.  An alert is immediately sent via an http call to the Aldea SCADA Web interface software, which then communicates the event to the Movicon Server.   The application can connect to both Movicon11 and Movicon.NexT indifferently.

“It wasn’t very complicated to pass from one platform to another’, explained Roberto Caboni, Aldea’s sole administrator.  Even though the platforms are different from each other, they are both intuitive and easy to use.  We have been able to count on Progea’s technical support who have always been available and quick to respond”.

The centralized alarm management system has been developed with both Movicon.NExT and Movicon11; as soon as an alarm event occurs, notification is immediately sent as SMS by the Movicon Alert Dispatcher.  The application also provides a tool that permits users to consult alarm reports using the Movicon Alarm Statistics module.

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