Mission and Code of Ethics

Progea’s mission is to promote an international culture of innovation, quality, creativity, and excellence in the development of software technology.

Progea’s management is continuously innovating ways to provide top-notch customer care, sales, and services. Our team is friendly, young, flexible, strongly motivated, and oriented toward the everyday challenges of technological development. Challenges that demand close teamwork are welcomed as part of our policy for innovation. Our team is a model of excellence in the automation software sector.

Our company adopts a code of ethics that encompasses:

  • conformity with endorsed laws and regulations
  • confidential information protection
  • privacy and data security
  • safeguard and proper use of company assets
  • policy to uphold quality
  • respect for human rights through correct company management procedures
  • correct and comprehensible data externally and internally
  • correct and careful financial management
  • long-term investment policy with bonuses awarded to personnel
  • eco-friendly
  • complaints, suggestions and unlawful behaviour alert management