Movicon 11 Ensures Millimeter Precision In The MOSE Project

The MOSE (MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, or Experimental Electromechanical Module in English) is a work of civil engineering designed to protect Venice and its lagoons from high tides and floods in extreme weather conditions by using mobile floodgates that temporarily separate the lagoon area from the sea.

The caissons used in the MOSE project for housing the floodgates were installed by using hi-tech engineering that required millimeter precision. The help of Movicon 11TM was needed in order to accomplish this particular operation successfully.

Eros Contò from Eureka System, a Movicon Solution Provider, explained that Movicon was chosen for it’s reliability, customization, Client-Server architecture in a virtue context and ultimately for its powerful graphical interface.

“It was critical that the graphical representation techniques used had to be accurate and intuitive. The visual design was studied in every minute detail in order to combine both the right aesthetics and functionality of the graphics in the best possible way. Some of the process values are represented both in numeric and graphical formats. In some cases we had to extend beyond the standard techniques used when it came to implementing graphics such as Bar-Graphs, Gauges and Trends. Together, we did this by squeezing the most out of Movicon’s flexibility to create a new dimension of screen graphics. The careful structuring of the MS-SQL database combined with the event management balanced out the load between the PLC and HMI which allowed us to historically log everything the customer required. This also satisfied the need to apply post-operation analysis on all the operations performed in a way similar to play back mode”.

For further information on the MOSE project and the Movicon project, please read the complete article HERE.

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